The Wrestling Thread v.2018 Part FICKLE: NXT Takeover: New York 4/5 - Wrestlemania 35 4/7


I’m pretty excited about AEW. More options for wrestlers and fans.

I hope they focus on putting on good shows and not end up scooping up every mid/low tier future-endeavored WWE superstar and become anti-WWE.


The only thing I ask from AEW is no fucking scripts.


I don’t know about this. There are a lot of wrestlers I’d never give a live mic to without some sort of plan.


It worked for 30 years, Stu.
It’s easier to tell wrestlers what you can’t say than what they should say.


Watch those promos again. A lot of them are pretty cringe. A lot of guys in the 70’s and 80’s also had managers to speak for them because they were so awful. Sure some of the actual wrestlers had what it took to hold the mic unscripted but that was few and far in between. And the attitude era was moderately scripted. Mainly bullet points but there was still rhyme or reason to it.


Oh yea I’m ok with bullet points. But the shit we got now? Force feeding the talent such amazing burns like “Suffering succotash and tater tots” Ugh.


Some wrestlers def need their hand held. Not everyone is that charismatic, alot of technical wrestlers just fuckin suck talking.


I come around for 5 ppvs (Mania, Rumble, Elim Chamber, TLC and MitB) and occasionally watch clips on youtube. I watch NJPW for G1 and WK. I also watch Lucha Underground. My little nephew being obsessed with WWE got me back into the product to be honest, I love talking to the little guy about wrestling.


He wanted to play me for the title of biggest Beth Phoenix fan on SRK. Remember when top players actually posted on the forums?


2009 was the last of them, if you count Viscant.

And you should.


Sanford outlast viscant. He would just pop into the wrestling thread




Didn’t know.

Wish Lob had taken that bet.


That’s not a bet. That’s just throwing a title away. Then again, I might not even have that title anymore. Biggest Ronda Rousey fan on SRK, maybe. Biggest Nia Jax fan on SRK, definitely, even now.


Same here!! :heart_eyes::sunglasses:

I hope she has great 2019.


PAC appears at AEW’s “Double or Nothing” press conference in the only way PAC can. In full wrestling gear to show off how ripped he is.

Also AEW announced a working relationship with OWE (Oriental Wrestling Entertainment) which is a promotion CIMA (dragon Gates former ace, booker and co-owner) helped start along with other ex-Dragon Gate wrestlers like T-Hawk, El-Lindman and Yamamru

Oh Bradi Rhodes said that all the wrestlers, men and women will have equal pay. That gave me a hearty chuckle because no fucking way is that actually going to happen.


Hot damn, Jericho in AEW!


Him being in AEW isn’t really surprising or note worthy? He attaches himself to anything that is remotely popular in the wrestling world.


Jericho has clearly been gearing up for this for a while. Been cross promoting all year with elite.


I want Jericho vs CIMA.


That’d be one hell of a throw back to wcw.