The Wrestling Thread v.2018 Part FICKLE: NXT Takeover: New York 4/5 - Wrestlemania 35 4/7


It’s quite noteworthy. In terms of name power, he is the most notable and recognizable name (and isn’t washed up.) Also, didn’t he say he wouldn’t wrestle in the U.S. unless it’s for WWE?


Money talks.


Well this IS also the same Jericho who said he would never wrestle for another American wrestling promotion aside from WWE out for respect for Vince, but hey, gotta get paid amirite?


I’m hearing boo’s during becky’s segment. Looks like her character has already peaked.


They haven’t done anything tonreally capitalize on her momentum. All of her presence has been on Twitter. Sure she got the Cena rub but who cares?


They are spinning their wheels with Becky until they get to the money feud with Ronda.


Oh my.

Zelina is so ridiculously hot. :drooling_face:


Update: Andrade gets involved.


I see she’s gone method to promote her new movie.


I miss AJ so much. She’s like an angel, I remember seeing her at a house show. She is so much prettier in person. Tv does not do her justice


Viscant was still around in 2010 and Ultradavid (though debatable about being a top player). Santhrax would still pop into the wrestling thread for PPV’s and once in a blue moon on SF4 character subforum.


They use scripts for being the elite though

AEW looking to be wcw. But they did not announce a tbs or tnt deal yet. Tnt just signed up onefc. And they would probably like having aew with name guys to help bring eyes to the network.

I do wonder how many ex wwe and njpw guys get picked up

I also bet wwe throws the dumptrucks at Omega. pentagon, fenix, and okada

Okada sat in gorilla.

Holy crap that canadian destroyer rey hit. Wow piledrivers might be back


That Destroyer was sick lol

Also I think AEW has something with TNT coming down the pipeline. Billionaire Ted isn’t done with his wrasslin’ war yet!


AEW…and OneFc on the same network?

That’s a combo.


I agree wholeheartedly. Scripting has ruined wrestling promos. Even if a guy is a shitty promo I rather see him fail at it naturally then sound like a robot.


just don’t sign CM punk. That is all. If CM punk is in AEW, i am not watching it.


Cm punk isn’t going to happen. He wants nothing to do with wrestling. And after him fucking over Colt Cabana most the wrestling community don’t want him involved either.

Sure there still die hard fans out there (his meet and greet at All In proves that) but they are vastly outnumbered by people who want fuck all to do with punk.


So HHH just announced on twitter that this is the theme song for NXT Takeover Phoenix.

Honestly? I dig it. Her other stuff is vastly different but still good. Like…it’s bubbly and fun. I listen to a lot of J-Pop and K-Pop so her kinda music is right up my alley.


Punk is a little bitch anyway.


What wrestling business are you talking about?
Did you learn nothing from the Crown Jewel event or the return of Hulk Hogan?