The Wrestling Thread v.2018 Part FICKLE: NXT Takeover: New York 4/5 - Wrestlemania 35 4/7


The Kingdom of Saudia Arabia hook-up is the reason Hogan is back with the WWE. They specifically asked for him to return. Up until a year or so ago all they knew what’s the rock n wrestling era. But thanks to the network they can be current

It’s fucked up that WWE is bending over backwards for these fuckers and their blood money.

Hogan is a racist piece of shit too. But so is a lot of wwe brass. Hogan would have been back eventually but the Saudia arabia deal just accelerated his come back.


My point is that the business doesn’t care if it can make money doing something.
And the fans care even less as long as they get what they want.

The idea that there are more people that are loyal to Colt Cabana of all people than would step over their own mothers to see Punk in a ring again is ludacris.


Hogan racism is jacked in it’s own way. The way we found out is unfortunate. He shouldnt have been recorded and released. It was illegal and without his permission, but now I know and it can never leave. And the fact hes got people defending his racism…that’s in tape is sad as well.


Punk so baby-soft, Frank Turner beat him in one of his music videos and it wasn’t unconvincing.


Doesn’t make it ok.


I’m not saying it’s ok. I am saying I’m very conflicted because we only found out due to illegal means. It’s one thing if a wrestler or he himself tells us. But hes allowed his privacy and should be allowed to say what he wants in private without repercussions. Hence why I’m conflicted.


I need more angry ranting dbry

It is the best heel in wwe.


Is that the same Poppy who was making experimental existential videos on youtube?


I think so.



I never thought I’d see Brock vs. Goldberg at WM again. I never thought I’d see Hart vs. McMahon in 2010. Going back even further, I never thought I’d see Bischoff hug McMahon on RAW.

Not saying that CM Punk would ever return, but in wrestling, stranger things have happened. (I imagine money being an obvious factor.)


Worlds collide…


Buddy Murphy ftw

I also really want buddy vs dunne

Chris jericho said he would have bought wcw. Now we get to see what he would have done. Honestly would not be surprised if bischoff gets in on this.


People are sending Braun Strowman death threats and threatening to hack him because of an old hunting picture he shared on Instagram.

Fucking pathetic. I may not agree with hunting but that doesn’t mean I have to personally attack or threaten someone that does it.


I have to question just how dumb you got to be to threaten a guy like Braun who likes to hunt.


I just assumed Braun had no need for weapons and just waited until some deer caught those hands


It was a deer?
Who cares? The way people were apparently reacting I was expecting an endangered species or something that people don’t regularly kill and eat.


Oh. Shit.


WWE low key announces their new UK performance center.


AJ shows off his retro game collection. He has a lot of great stuff