The Wrestling Thread v.2018 Part FICKLE: NXT Takeover: New York 4/5 - Wrestlemnaia 35 4/7


You posted his interview from Lillian Gracia’s podcast. He talks about his family a bunch on it.


It is best to ignore the guy who hates both marvel movies and new japan


Haha. So I did. Wtf is wrong with me. Lol
I must be getting Alzheimer’s.


how come no one upvoted this?


So was this big clunky potato ever actually any good in the ring, or has he always just been Heel Hogan?


I believe you must have missed his tenure in SD when it was truly the A show during 2003-2004


wait…i know this fucker isnt talking about og brock. that dude was a fuckin phenom…and to this day i still think him vs eddie was one of the greatest wwe fueds ever. racist brock was too fuckin funny.


Yeah a simple YT search could basically hail you dozens of matches where Brock was killing it.

Still think his feud with Angle was the best ever.


The dude’s return match with cena, destroying of hhh at summerslam and again punk at summerslam

But my top brock matches

  1. eddie no mercy
  2. kurt wrestlemania
  3. bryan survivor series
  4. hulk hogan
  5. the rock
  6. Undertaker 1st hiac
  7. a-train.smackdown
  8. cena dies at summerslam
  9. goldberg wrestlemania
  10. zach gowen dies for our sins


LOOOL I saw like 2 1/2 minutes. Couldn’t take it.

“…Oh what’s this? Oh what a maneuver…”

Had to close it after “…what a maneuver…”


OG Brock is one of the best. His matches with Eddie, Kurt Angle, and Undertaker are classics. His squashes against Zach Gowen and Paul London were great to watch.


Pre-Godlberg Brock is one of my favourite wrestlers of all time.
It’s the CURRENT Brock that is shit.


Swole Graps…




Who’s Patt McAfee?
Edit: Oh. That annoying as fuck dude from the pre-show. Wasn’t he in the NFL and had to retire due to some injury? He was a punter or something, right?

Yeah. Why?


Current brock vs bryan was 5 stars the wwe match of the year for me

Seriously that was amazing story telling

So the new hubbub is new japan should have a joshi division. No. Stardom exist. They have a subscription service that subs all promos and shows. With both english and spanish.

Also if you want to see puro with women, gays, trans, furries, exoticos. Go watch ddt. In fact do watch ddt as they have really awesome shows some of which do get subbed.

Seriously twitter and reddit fans are shit


I agree with that. One of his best matches in YEARS.


Brock is very capeable of having gold matches. He just got bored with reigns and ambrose. Which sucked for ambrose because he is the dude. When ambrose goes face he will hit stone cold level again.

I think if they throw brock in there with some new blood like Gable, Velveteen, Black, and especially Riddle. Shit will go down.

Fuck give me Riddle vs Lesnar for wrestlemania. Throw riddle in the rumble and let him win and go up against lesnar.

Fuck i want to see Lesnar vs Nakamura again. And i honestly want to see him vs Luke Harper in a real match

It sucks that they are waiting on rowan. I know the wyatts will probably just return to that. But just team harper and bray while waiting for rowab


2002-2004 Brock was wild. Even that drop toe hold looked scary


Fans asking New Japan to have a womens division should STFU. Japan has a couple of Joshi promotions. STARDOM, Joshi Tokyo Pro, Oz Academy, Ice Ribbon, Pro Wrestling WAVE just off the top of my head. They should actually support those promotions instead of asking the biggest game in town to be a charity case.