The Wrestling Thread v.2018 Part FICKLE: NXT Takeover: New York 4/5 - Wrestlemnaia 35 4/7


I guess they told them to go home that would be the only thing I can think of. Match of the night so far in a throwaway PPV.


Ali bumping like a mad man after coming back from a severe concussion.

Makes sense.

Edit: man. Even after all the awesome stuff Ali has done in the match the fans are still shitting all over him and chanting for Kofi.


I respect Bryan’s anti air knee…


So the Shield will main event tonight…


WWE is doing him no favors with this. He doesn’t deserve to be put in a position to be shitted on for not being the guy fans want.


Oh for sure. He was the man they wanted until he got side lined. Then Kofi got his shine on and the crowd embraced it. Now they don’t fucking care about Ali.

Lol. Charlotte is such a good shit bag heel.

Edit: that was such a dumb finish.





That wasn’t very PG of you Rollins.


Blessed gifs


Damn @ Bryan’s chest…


Brie Bella officially announced her retirement…on Total Bellas.

I mean I knew from Evolution…


I still feel bad for Ali. No matter what he did the crowd absolutely shit on him purely for the fact he wasn’t Kofi. I don’t think Vince or HHH or whoever was expecting Ali to get that kind of reaction.

And literally nothing of value was lost.



I don’t know who that is. I’m guessing that’s one of the backstage robots?


Cathy Kelley, one of my favourite robots.


…are garbage pail kids still a thing?


I’m actually waiting for the new mobile game lol


Poor Ali got the Rey Mysterio @ RR 2014 treatment. Wrong place at the wrong time. They were subbing for somebody else and got shit on for no particular reason other than not being the guy the crowd wanted.


That’s the comparison I wanted to draw from in regards to Mustafa…


Didn’t know that Shun Yamaguchi is his son…