The Wrestling Thread v.2018 Part FICKLE: NXT Takeover: New York 4/5 - Wrestlemnaia 35 4/7



Congrats to Booker T for joining the 2X ring team.




Throwing that challenge out there…


How I think Vince reacted…


So I read Meltzer initial reaction to the ending of the Becky/Charlotte match, I think it’s time to tell him to step away from anything E related and keep blowing AEW.


What did he say?




Just had to explain to my manager puma and ricochet were the same person. Lmfao. Nothing will be funnier for the rest of the week lol


Don’t bring it back WWE…


I agree. Tough enough has always and will always be garbage. The people who are eliminated super early or don’t even make the cut onto the show are usually the ones that are signed and prosper anyways.

Nobody remembers Daniel (?) Puder, or Maven or whoever won the last one they did. (I legit don’t remember) because they didn’t amount to shit.


The few ones who don’t win and get signed end up thriving…the winners never pan out.


Tough Enough is the equivalent to bringing a bunch of casuals to a serious competitive session. The most likely result is that they’re gonna be exposed and become marginally annoying for the rest of the members.



Yeah, TE has always been bad. The last one was entertaining in a bad way. Favorite moment was Miz saving Mandy Rose from elimination b/c she is hot.


Still my favorite…


Will this be Torrie’s HOF package?


As a response in regards to the finish.


I bet if this was done in NJPW/AEW it would be a STROKE OF GENIUS!


Now if he had talked about Vince shoehorning himself in the feud then yes I can understand.

But so far that finish made sense since all Ronda wants is to get in the ring and beat Becky down in an actual match all the meanwhile ignoring Charlotte looking at her as a neusance that doesn’t deserve to be in the match.

Meanwhile the SD women’s division is lost at sea.


Ok, thank you for reminding high school and college me of this, and now I’m all onboard with Torrie in HOF. :sweat_smile: