The Wrestling Thread v.2018 Part FICKLE: NXT Takeover: New York 4/5 - Wrestlemnaia 35 4/7


You know big dave would have a field day with those 4


Big Dave laying big pipe


So apparently creative had to talk Vince out of doing a bunch of different shit regarding Shane and Miz.

He wanted to turn Miz heel by attacking Shane. Creative told him no because collectively they’re huge fans of miz and have been begging Vince to turn him baby face for over a year.

They then pitched Shane and Miz beating the Uso’s At fast lane and have their blow off match be a 2/3 fall match or a no dq match at Mania. Vince immediately shot the idea down because he believes “outside of special attractions tag matches don’t deserve to be on the Wrestlemania’s Main Card”

So they pitched Shane turning on Miz. At first McMahon hated the idea because he doesn’t see Shane as a heel and feels “someone like the miz” shouldn’t be cheered over his son. But creative finally convinced him to turn Shane after they showed him what “big ideas” they had for the feud with Miz as the baby face.


Vince needs to fuck off already.


Usos are a pillar of what keeps me into 2we


I mean, you’re not even remotely wrong.

It’s been on record from several people including managers, tag teams and former creative that Vince hasn’t given a shit about tag team wrestling since Road Warriors/Legion of Doom.


He knows you put usos and new day they will get reactions.

Hell the club gets reactions.

Usos are a whole other level of over. They tried t heel them against shane/miz and the results were usos getting cheered over them


Has it been brought up as to why Vince does not like tag team wrestling?


He just doesn’t feel like they’re a real draw anymore. Which is fucking stupid and flat out wrong given how NXT’s tag division was the best thing about it for almost 2 or 3 years. It’s a little shaky right now but it’s still an amazing division with a lot of talent.

But that’s HHH’s doing and philosophy on wrestling which is polar opposite of Vince’s. HHH loves cruisers, loves tag teams, loves stables. Vince doesn’t find relevance in any of those. He wants larger than life characters, guys that all look like Roman, Braun and McIntyre and to create “moments”.


I want to believe it…I really do.


That is silly of Vince to think that. He can still have his larger-than-life tag teams and create moments with said tag teams. Plus, with that many hours of WWE programming each week, he could have both!

If that Dash Wilder interview is any indication, maybe there will be a turnaround in the tag division after WM.




Seems almost fitting if Cena turns out to be Angle’s last opponent.

And tag teams were still a thing at the turn of the century. That Hardys/Dudleys/E&C rivalry was fuckin epic and gave Vince plenty of “moments” so I don’t see how Vince’s interest “waned” with LOD


So… Is Lars a bust?




He literally had a meltdown before his big debut, so yeah…


Stay free, Sloth.


I mean, anxiety attacks are a huge deal. Mental health is a big deal. I think WWE realizes that with Lars. So he may still have a chance? Just not as big of one as originally planned. Though it’s not fault of his own he pretty much destroyed any good will and faith he had with the company due to this and even more so not communicating with the company or his agency manager for months.

HHH really put his neck out for Lars but again, through no fault of his own, kinda fucked over HHH.


They have new day and usos at a certain level to get mic time and have matches.

But everybody else is a non entity

Usos are really representative of breaking through twice

This current run with the outfits and promos. Usos on a legendary status.

Wishing they had focused on making the division more than it is

With lars dude got bombarded with his racist posts on forums. So he is on shaky legs.

I think you can make a good tag division with the teams they have on each brand.

Like they have enough.

The switch to fox and the upcoming hard brand split of fox only wanting their show to be about smackdown and no recaps of raw.

Also fox wants to take over on producing.

And they want more of the 2016 smackdown. So…

That fox exec who on the lead on this probably a smark


During the attitude era, Edge & Christian, The Hardys and Dudleys were decent draws.