The Wrestling Thread v.2018 Part FICKLE: NXT Takeover: New York 4/5 - Wrestlemnaia 35 4/7


Shock the system…


Oh I know. But during the attitude era creative gave almost everyone something to do and tried to make what they were doing larger than life. It’s how we got the original TLC match.


What I don’t get is if he never saw Tag Teams as an attraction why bother having two sets of belts? He could have just dumped all the tag team in one brand and called it a day. It’s sad because they have the best depth in a tag division in a long time and you are just wasting them away.


Lol. God dammit.


Wow Meltzer…turn off your mic.


Lol. Fuck Meltzer.




He sounded exactly like Vince when he said “Wrestlemania”



New Day with that UNR…


So I heard a rumor fox wanted WWE to get more edgier and with the recent social media stuff going on. I believe it’s true


But it’s Tamina…


Kofi getting that B+ player redux…


Given the Ronda Becky stuff too


I’m not talking about that, I’m talking about how it’s…Tamnia…Who’s reading her twitter?
Do they even remember she’s still employed?


Had he wrestled in the Tokyo Dome instant HOF in Meltzer’s book.


Harlem Heat was THE tag team that showed that black wrestlers could be top guys growing up. They were cool, accomplished and had dope movesets. Most of my black friends and I looked at them (and the Rock) as examples of black wrestlers being dominant and cool. Well deserved HoF induction.


If there was one dude to come after why stevie ray? Man could rip heads off

Meltzer got on them pain killers


people will still heed Meltzer’s words as law though. Is there someone similar to him that has a site that posts reviews of WWE shows, but isn’t a total dickbag?


What culture. I generally just follow them for the YouTube channel. ALOT of good content, they do up and downs for every raw, smack down, UK nxt and ppv


What culture stopped being good when Ross, Pachitti, Blampied, Sam and Jack the Jobber left to start Cultaholic. When Simon Miller is your best host for content you know you’re in the shitter. Don’t get me wrong I love Simon but he’s awful.