The Wrestling Thread v.2018 Part FICKLE: NXT Takeover: New York 4/5 - Wrestlemnaia 35 4/7


ok…but hes not doe. and i appreciate someone who isnt generally apathetic or a shitbag about prowrestling. he brings enthusiasm and i may not agree with his opinions on whats good or bad but thats ok. he isnt cramming his opinion down your throat and he’s generally a fun and happy host so im content.


`I can’t stand him. When I did follow what culture any video involving him I’d skip.

Why? slaps head a bunch, snaps and claps HERE’S WHY

Cause he’s garbage.



I really enjoy Wrestling With Wregret on Youtube, especially when he goes over older stuff.


That Kurt Angle thing on Monday was a WTF thing. Even I was like this is an afterthought low tier thing…


I enjoyed what culture after all those guys left. The guys who are gimmick are terrible and the rest are terribly bland and boring. Simon and the newer guys are far more interesting to me.


I still watch Cultaholic and Whatculture every now and then, but the magic left with Blampy’s pervy ass


Wait…was that a rib at…?


As accurate as that is when it comes to Cody and the bucks I highly doubt it had anything to do with them.

I wish the boys would invite him back to Cultaholic. I mean, I obviously get why they can’t and won’t but Blampied has such a charisma about him and was incredibly knowledgeable when it came to wrestling. He was always a great listen/watch.


lol this promo was good…kofi’s shot at vince for not promoting black wrestlers was underrated


The Kofi/Vince and Styles/Orton promos were great. I’m getting more hyped for WM.


Look, I know y’all aren’t huge fans of Nia Jax around here, but the mere thought of a Nia Jax vs. Beth Phoenix match has me salivating. Seeing Beth back in any capacity is such an exciting prospect to me that I deadass would go a few rounds in MvC2 with Sanford Kelly to prove my credentials as a Glamazon fan.


Simon is a good dude and is entertaining

Cultaholic without blampied is nothing

Jack and ross are shit

I only watched wc for simon’s videos just saying

I also like the post wrestling guys wai and john do good work

The only old school wrestlint review worth anything is the lapsed fan


Nia vs Beth is indeed a dream match for me…I marked out when they faced each other in the Rumble last year.


Cursed image


The guys who stayed seem chill and guys i would talk to

Cultaholic guys are lame fucks who i would avoid

Also i like wrestling with regret

I wish show buckle and real neat puro got hired by njpw

Kofi wins

We get a new day triple threat match to decide who faces dbry

Big E has star written all over him. He felt legit talking down to vince. Xavier came off whiny. And kofi sounded legit.

Big E should be the project vince gets behind. Like i have no issues with kofi losing.


I find his entire demeanor and how he carries himself super off putting and disingenuous. I don’t people who come across overly happy and positive. It just comes off as extremely fake to me. Always has.


You don’t like positive happy people?

Jesus what kind of life have you had


Don’t get it twisted. I have no issues with someone being content, happy or positive. More power to them. I wish I could feel the way they feel. However when it’s an overbearing part of their personality and every day life? That’s when it comes off as fake and disingenuous to me. Like they’re hiding something.

A kind that makes me put very little trust in people.


Lmfao you do know people like that exist right? People who are genually enthusiastic about a sport and talking about it. I talk like him when it comes to martial arts or dance. He has aspects he likes and doesn’t like but overall he generally loves prowrestling and unlike most of these hosts actually does it. He doesn’t come across as a know it all either just because he does prowrestling. He isn’t saying Vince is a dumb shit and here’s how he should do his job. He offers his take and his opinions but not in an off putting way. I’m not sure how that comes as fake… I think your so jaded by anti social wrestling writers and fans it becomes confusing to see someone generally happy in life and about a subject. They do exist man