The Wrestling Thread v.2018 Part FICKLE: NXT Takeover: New York 4/5 - Wrestlemnaia 35 4/7


Not even remotely the case.


You just said you have very little trust in people. Also you made an assumption he’s like that everyday based on videos of him you see 2x a week.thus forming the opinion his personality is fake. I don’t know how Im supposed to take it any other way but being jaded about positive people… Especially when you said you have very little trust in them


I guess wrestling yt are supposed to look like shit and be skinny fat or just fat ugly guys who shit on the product

I am a mostly positive guy

I mean we had people in the lounge shitting on the rock for being a positive guy

More guys need that pma

I mean voices of wrestling is critical, but the moment lanza stans for something twitter comes for him for actually liking wrestling

You have a whole fandom at odds with each other

And you have a sect of wrestling fans who hate everythjng and you wonder why they hate watch

I dropped dexter after epsidode 2 of the final season



Hm. I guess? I don’t know. I’ve never been the most positive person to begin with due to reasons I don’t really feel like getting into. And when I would be in a positive upswing in life some outside force or me being me would fuck it up or tell me I’m wrong for feeing that way.

Maybe it has to do with having bipolar depression? Idk.

Just people that are that happy and positive confuse and bewilder me to the point of not trusting them.

I don’t have anything I’m really passionate about anymore. I barely keep track of wrestling, don’t play card games anymore, BARELY even touch video games anymore despite me always buying the newest releases I want. About 6 months ago I spent over $600 on trade paper backs, hard cover collections of comics and manga but I haven’t had the urge or motivation to read any of them. I honestly have no aspirations for a career. I’m deathly afraid of getting into a relationship again considering how bad I massively fucked up my last relationship (I was a few months away from getting married and I broke up with her to focus on a job I ended up quitting 4 months later and was too scared that she wouldn’t take me back)

I just don’t have the energy, focus or self discipline, self worth, confidence and everything in between for any of that shit.

So I just…drift. Yeah. Drift is a good word.

And yes, I’ve been to therapy, and I’ve been on medication for depression and anxiety. Neither of which have worked. They just made me more depressed and suicidal.

This ended up being more serious and depressing than I thought it’d be but here we are.


Well anyways

So the build to wrestlemania on sd side is hype

We got dbry
We got kofi

We got joe destroying
Aj and randy calling each other out
We got the usos calling out the tag teams

We got becky and charlotte.

I just wish asuka had a feud set up

I really want to see the sky pirates vs boss n hug for that adorbs overload

I want to see the Usos in a heated program with anybody. Just want authors of pain maybe.

Orton came off as the face and crowd cheered him over Styles. Even though they both had good views.


I honestly see Asuka facing either Lacey Evans or Nikki Cross at WM…


I want it to be ember and have ember beat asuka finally

I think we get some gauntlet or multi woman match

I really want usos vs new day vs hardyz vs bar tlc match

Usos/new day/bar are this era’s dudleyz/hardyz/e&c

I think AJ goes heel, and the club comes back to “even the odds”

I miss heel aj and the club



Bryan with the throwback. Lol



Wait til he says fuck 5 lmfao


When was the last time Nikki was on TV? She’s probably wherever the hell Sanity is.


Apparently Lana of all people is being plugged to be Asuka’s opponent. They’re slowly building the feud over Twitter.

aggressive eye roll



The past two years have been incredibly cruel to most of WWE’s best talent in favor of putting over talentless idiots like Carmella and Brock Lesnar. Vince McMahon is basically the Michael Bay of wrestling at this point. He’s serving slop to the hogs because the hogs love their fucking slop. My enthusiasm for wrestling dies just a tiny bit every time I hear about Vince’s latest stupid decision. I need to shut myself off from WWE entirely to get any semblance of passion back.

And yes. I recognize that me praising Nia Jax one minute and shitting on WWE’s priorities the next is contradictory. I just really want to fuck Nia Jax. That’s the only reason why anyone cheers for Carmella either.


You should tweet her, there can’t be that many requests.


The only wrestler I’d ever consider being a creep about on Twitter is Darby Allin.


Oh damn, that’s PK’s husband. Lucky bastard.


She hocked one directly down his throat. I’m just saying is all.


Byron Saxton might want to throw hands if she does that. He wants that snusnu bad. I think, @Yuna could take him though. She’s scrappy and Byron is just…Byron.

She looks like a discount Paige in that gif.


She’s the better Paige now, imo. That gypsy hotness.