The Wrestling Thread v.2018 Part FICKLE: NXT Takeover: New York 4/5 - Wrestlemnaia 35 4/7


Oh she’s Lance storm trained??.. Color me intrigued


I hope Vince fucks off once the new XFL gets off the ground.


Wanting him to loosen up or let go of the reigns is one thing and completely acceptable as a thing to want.

To wish death though? Naw.


Wizkids and WWE team up to make a WWE themed Heroclix set.

If this was like 6 years ago when I heavily played clix I’d be going fucking bonkers right now. Even so I may still pick these up for being a fans sake.

I still have all the street fighter clix and tmnt clix.


I mean…is heroclix still a thing amongst the youngsters?


Uh, I don’t think so? It’s not a game intended for kids. Never has been. It’s a fairly complicated game.


Brock Lesnar should have been at the top. He’s kinda like Shao Kahn…


No. He shouldn’t. It’s in reference to Kofi’s gauntlet match next week.

Fucking A. It’s like you don’t even exist in this reality.



I used to see them when I was regularly going to the comic book shop…I thought it was simply figure collecting.


Naw. It’s a pretty intense grid based strategy game. But due to all the popular IP’s that have teamed with Wizkids over the years a lot of people like buying them just for collectors sake. IE why I never sold or gave away my Judge Dredd, Hell Boy, TMNT or Street Fighter clix

My old manager when I worked at the comic book shop; her husband was a actually a digital sculptor for wizkids and worked on about 12 sets. And those sets are regarded as some of the best sculpts the game has produced.


It is fox

They want an edgier more sports based show

And they want to take over production

I am ready


Considering how much fox paid for broadcasting rights I think they’re well within their rights to suggest how their potential network flagship show should be ran.

On the other side, it’s corperate meddling which I find very off putting and shady.

But I think slowly creeping out of the PG era is a good thing and Fox is the catalyst to help that happen.


WCW 2.0 then, just you watch…


I hope it’s not a large amount of corporate meddling. From an optimistic view, maybe it’ll make things more interesting. On the other hand, it could be real bad if Fox has ideas that WWE/Vince/HHH/wrestlers are totally against.




Really fox is trying to maximize their investment.

WWE knows the reach of terrestrial tv.

I mean Eddie, Rey, Cena, and Batista got minted on smackdown.

Most of the young people on roster grew up watching sd

I think wwe has a major opportunity. Bigger than upn, bigger than the usa deal

If they get solid ratings and fox also wants to get nxt and 205 and they want to bring back talking smack

That fox executive specifically refrenced wanting to bring talking smack to fs1

I so want that to happen

Current bryan ranting on talking smack


Y’all. I was kidding. Chill.





I had to google what this means.

Today I learned. :+1: