The Wrestling Thread v.2018 Part FICKLE: NXT Takeover: New York 4/5 - Wrestlemnaia 35 4/7


So Priscilla Kelly vs. Joey Ryan happened…Priscilla puked Joey’s crotch.

I’m not going post the video…they both are gross.

Keep that shit in the indies.




Joey is in aew

Nobody wants this

Well except @Yuna

Darby Allin is a tiny guy. Like drake maverick tiny


Joey Ryan is coming to the local indy show this month. Thinking about going but I probably have a scheduling conflict or two that day.

Wondering if he’ll just pop in for a quick dick spot or if he’s bringing the whole AEW circus with him…


Joey Ryan in All Elite?

Fuck. I hate it.


I enjoy the fact AEW has pretty much already jumped the shark when it comes to merch because PWT sells a plush of Cody and Brandi’s god damn dog, Pharoh


Burnard the business bear got merch. Why not the dog?


I don’t even know who or what that is.


How do you know about the dog but not the business bear lmfao


I’m still subscribed to PWT’s newsletter (for some reason) and they sent me an email about it.


I liked joey as a servicable heel in the pwg is a socal indy days

I miss pwg as my local indy. I mean bar wrestling has the same spirit and books lucha bros and local guys.

But hey what can you do. I liked sleazy joey ryan. I don’t like this gross out fetish stuff.

I mean we had darby and priscilla spitting in mouths and gross puke stuff

I hated it when ultimate warrior did it

I hated it when droz did it

I hated benoit snot rockets

Body secretion spots just weird

Owen vs Bret with the owen booger always detracted from the match


Those new japan bears are big money


Looks like I’m gonna end up having to go with a prepaid card for WWE Network … first real problem I’ve run across with this new bank I use.


Can anybody explain why vince is so protective with r truth.

He jobs rey and andrade, but not r truth

R Truth has not eaten many clean pinfalls in years. Just roll ups and distraction finishes

Like dude is more protected than aj

It makes no sense.

Losing to truth though is still the signal that you fall down the card.


Vince thinks Truth is hilarious.


Maybe they want Truth to be a tier or two above jobber tier? With the recent series of matches involving Rey, Andrade, Truth, and Joe, it can’t always be Truth that eats the pin.


Truth used to job alot years ago if i remember, let the man have his due


I…can’t even blame the attitude era on this one.


Lance Hoyt use to spit water into crowds when he wrestles in Japan.


People did say shit about Sami doing that though

Chewed gum is barely something to be upset over

Joey Ryan and Priscilla Kelly’s antics are fucking disgusting