The Wrestling Thread v.2018 Part FICKLE: NXT Takeover: New York 4/5 - Wrestlemnaia 35 4/7


I thought GOAT sacrifices where illegal on TV.


Man these head bumps jeez Bryan


Dumb ref spot…made it too obvious.



I like this match so far more than AJ Brock.
Way better than AJ Brock and Brock Joe imo.


Does Vince simply hate Smackdown…?


Match was great but ahem
What a shitshow


smackdown has always been the better show and is being punished for it


Becky = Austin
Ronda = Bret
I guess that makes
Charlotte = Shawn?


That said Charollte vs Ronda was the MOTN, and Lesnar/Bryan was actually good.

War Games still blew SS out the water!!


Petty old Vince


Shawn? Neh…

Charlotte is just Flair back in the day…


Survivor Series was a shit show but it did have a few highlights:

*Nia Jax being booed into oblivion

*Enzo Amore getting kicked out of the building for being Enzo Amore

*Cruiserweight Championship Match

*Charlotte destroying Ronda Rousey and the crowd absolutely loving it.

*The second half of Daniel Bryan vs. Lesnar.

Takeover WarGames II was infinitely better (as TakeOvers usually are) but Survivor Series was like…a solid D+. Maybe C-.


Rollins vs Nakamura was pretty good.


For as talented as those two are the match was very underwhelming.


really? I thought it was a good match.


BOI’ dat Cruiserweight Championship Match!! :dizzy_face::flushed:


The more I think about that Charlotte heel turn, the more I fear that the WWE is showing that it is still stupid.
I hope this wasn’t done to set up a Flair/Ronda match at WM while Becky will be feuding with Nia. I don’t want her momentum to stop.


The end game has always been one of two scenarios:

  1. Charlotte vs Ronda at WM
  2. 4 Horsewomen of WWE vs. 4 Horsewomen of MMA at WM.

It seems they’ve planted the seeds for scenario 1 but with the developments at WWE Evolution and Takeover it may be scenario 2. It’s too early to tell.


That sucks. I thought the Charlotte heel turn was cool too, but Becky’s rise was and is the best thing in the WWE for me. I don’t want them sidelining that.