The Wrestling Thread v.2018 - TLC 12/16




I miss Ashley Massaro

Just looked liked every hot nasty chick from the bars in the 2000s. Fucken love it.


I don’t…



Sorry bro but Ashley was a dumpster fire.


Please don’t dumpster fire shame me.


Ashely was gross bro.


Holy shit. Father James Mitchell? Haven’t seen him in like a decade.


I’d do her


I know I’ll be heartbroken in the moment when she loses the belt…


She’s a treasure. I love Kairi. She’s a such a cutie. Her and Io’s instagram adventures make me smile


What will the WWE do now…


They’re still going a head with crown jewel. They’re just going to downplay the involvement.


Went to a NXT live event near my town last night. Got front row seats and practically had Dakota Kai’s ass in my face while she stood on the apron during her tag team match. 10 out of 10 would go again.


Them new tag titles…


With all of the time and money invested in the event do you really think they’re going to cancel the show, especially this close to it?


I don’t think they’ll cancel, but as mentioned, it may be downplayed. They’ll take the money and deal with any potential fallout after.


All I know is crown jewel is bad for morale. The only person that still wants to go through with is Vince. The entire locker room is protesting


Who’s watching Bound For Glory tonight?


Yes, those two can do a 2 on 1 tag match vs me anytime: