The Wrestling Thread v. Sin Cara - Go Go Sin Cara Rangers!

Elimination Chamber is said and done and I said I’d make a new thread.
Here is all the info from the first page of the last version.

WWE All-Star Players list.
Raw [360]
Saitsuofleaves - TrinityRagnarok
soVi3t - SoVi3t666
Tornadoflame - TornadoFlame479
Las Vegas Pimp - Da Big Punisher
Orochi_Negro - o63zr0freestyle
AYO?! - Stunted0Merc

Smackdown [PS3]
Kitsunisan - Kitsunisan
Stuart Hayden - StuartHayden
odin - bearcoat
Shadow Ace 50 - ShadowAce5O
Da Boogeyman - mr_mahkie
Save_Us.Negrotron - CravateBuster
orochi1017 - DaiAndOh
blinky77 - blinky77
Kim Sue-il - ZeroKyori
ViciousSLASH - countgreatula

Most of the regulars know most the stuff I am about to mention but just in case some new people come around and just for general purpose.

Wrestling News Links:
Wrestling News, Rumors, and Spoilers from WWE, TNA, & ECW -
Choose PWTorch Site Version Wrestling
Home |
Wrestling Observer/Figure Four Online – WvWE, TNA, UFC and International Wrestling and MMA Headlines - Wrestling Observer/Figure Four Online
Online World of Wrestling - WWE News, WWE Results, TNA News, TNA Results, WWE Spoilers

IRC Channel:
#srkwrestling on IRC’s EFNET server. We cover RAW and WWE/TNA PPV’s usually.
You guys know what day and times they’re on so I’m not going to bother telling you when they are.

Places to get/use IRC:
mIRC: Internet Relay Chat client - Easy and fast Webchat
EFnet - The Original IRC Network

Youtube Channels:
YouTube - ROHBrazil’s Channel (ROH)
YouTube - rfvideo1’s Channel (shoot videos) (FCW)
YouTube - PWGWrestling’s Channel (prowrestling guerrilla) (more shoot vides) (Botchmania)
Maffew OfBotchamania - Maffewofbotchamania on Dailymotion (I’m not making a dailymotion section for one video. lol)

Popular Stream Sites: - Streaming live video broadcasts for everyone
USTREAM, You’re On. Free LIVE VIDEO Streaming, Online Broadcasts. Create webcasts, video chat, stream videos on the Internet. Live streaming videos, TV shows

Popular Indy feds:
Dragon Gate US: Dragon Gate USA
Pro Wrestling Guerrilla: Pro Wrestling Guerrilla
Ring of Honor: ROH Wrestling |
Combat Zone Wrestling: Combat Zone Wrestling - Enter the Combat Zone!
Full Impact Pro: Full Impact Pro FIP Live Pro Wrestling from Florida
Chikara: CHIKARA: Lucha Libre - Pro Wrestling - Puroresu
Jersey All-Pro Wrestling - Jersey All Pro Wrestling
Absolute Intense Wrestling :: Absolute Intense Wrestling

Shoot Videos:
RF Video Inc.

May add twitters like @WWECreative, @HeelDolphZiggler etc… We’ll see. I don’t feel like compiling the list by myself.


Get cher learn on. Haha, what?

It’s real to me damnit…

Flippin Burgers, tag team champs.

Cena’s rap was good, I miss rappin cena.

We’re coming for YOU nigga

Smell…is coookin…dig dig diggity dog…SOCKO

roh brazil closed down a while ago

hoooolyyy shiittt hahahahahha

The No Mercy theme is permanently engraved in my skull.

Okay…ya’ll can shit on me for this later, but I am totally marking that Bill Demott is coming back for tough enough

Mystico basically confirmed to go to WWE.

:rofl: Booker T. Can’t nobody mess wit’ him.

…And yes, I CAN dig that, sucka!!!


They must be getting ready to replace Mysterio since he won’t likely renew his WWE contract in 2012…

lol niggas gonna be inducted into the hof in two years after his retirement. honestly i wont even be mad…his body has suffered alot for the industry.

Mistico has been signed to a developmental deal for a while now. But he had obligations to CMLL still.
They are probably going down there for the “official” contract signing.

I wonder is rey is pissed or if we will get that scarlet spider storyline rey has been pushing

Wwe has a fuckton of luchadores in fcw now

In NXT news, it is a sad day for Chicks and AMERICA.

sigh. Just when Danielson might actually get used for more than 3 minute Diva tag segments.

Hold up…NXT is still on?



Kofi + this song + serious business attitude = Bona Fide World Championship material!!!

Like the comic book Scarlet Spider thing or is this something completely unrelated? Like say Rey gets fucked up and Mystico (Mistico, however it is spelled) comes in as a replacement Mysterio?

Could be interesting I guess, wrestling storylines aren’t all that inventive.