The Wrestling Thread: WWE Elimination Chamber -2/21/21 WWE Network moving to Peacock in March

He says it himself he’s not flexible or athletic. So he tries to make up in other ways. Which is totally fine but Johnny cage is literally a tkd artist

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Welp, that kills my idea unless DDP Yoga still works miracles lol.

Great to see Zoey get this sort of push…looks like they are quite invested in her so far.

Black member of undisputed era…

Eh thanks josiah for reminding us how white nxt is

Figured why wwe goes with old guys

They have grown the 50 and uo demo


For the stage crew…



Just came to share that.

Do we finally get a shaq/big show match like was teased a few years ago in wwe?

Big Show just completed the biggest heel turn in his career on WWE :joy:


Honestly what else does he have left to do in the WWE besides producer/behind the scenes stuff?

That is a get…

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He’s gonna be an ambassador, commentator for their 2nd show and in ring talent. WWE was foolish to let him go, his knowledge is invaluable

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HOOOOLY SHIT. I just got out the shower and see this lmfaooooo. Lmfaooo

Fantastic signing.

As long as he doesn’t wrestle lol

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So does he end up replacing cody on that show

I also wonder if aew has giant hosses in their developmental

This is cool as hell honestly and show is close to jericho, cody, and arn

Wwe signed the kasper brothers who were ncaa standout wrestlers. They could be the new steiners. But i guess we won’t see them on nxt for 9 years

If Big Show is used on-screen, I hope he manages/mentors up-and-coming talent. I really like that AEW uses Jake Roberts, Tully, and Tazz in these types of roles.



Archer does not need jake

Jake should be with somebody like that nick commeroto dude

Like jake needs a stable of brooding assholes

Wwe developmental has sucked once they started bringing in top guys to fill out the roster

It took rhea and raquel forever to even get to nxt. And they got signed really young.

NXT should be about the new crop. Not a bunch of mid thirty somethings with a 40 year old champion

The new class…

Yeah, I agree Archer does not need Jake. I like the overall idea of Jake managing somebody or some stable (and receiving a consistent paycheck!).

I saw Christian when he first started… He was so skinny I didn’t think he’d make it. His big thing was he had a Michael Jackson gimmick and works moon walk into an elbow drop I think lmfao