The Wrongest Keepin' it Real has ever Gone? a.k.a. Brazil will F*(% YOUR $#!+ up over soccer

This has to be the wrongest keepin’ it real has ever gone. First of all… referees are carrying KNIVES now? Who does that? “Red card, check. Yellow card, check. Knife, check.”

Then the crowd goes Mid. East, and stones the guy, takes it back to the Spanish Inquisition and QUARTERS him! and then they parade his head around on a stick? God DAYUM that’s… a historic mixed breed of torture techniques.

Here I was wanting to go to for the Rio 2016, but that right there makes me take some serious pause.

edit: Extremely graphic footage of autopsy.[details=Spoiler][/details]

Soccer is practically a religion in South America…so in a way, I’m not surprised by this news.

People need to stop taking sports so seriously.

Don’t fuck with GGPO Brazilian players, they’re equally as crazy. They take their online fighting games serious.



I still won the match tho…then I was scared and didn’t wanna play again

They can win 1 game out of 10 and then think they’re the shit. I haven’t played against 1 Brazilian player online that wasn’t a complete Dbag.

Head on a stake is as real as it can get. Holy shit.

Yeah, it’s like… I can “understand” the stoning. A crowd of people throwing one stone each adds up to a lot of stones. The quartering thing is a bit extreme, but again, a crowd of people each pulling an arm or a leg… I guess I can see how that’d happen with some degree of spontaneity, but to decapitate someone takes a lot of fucking work, and that’s NO accident. That’s some cold bloodthirsty shit right there. Then to put the head on a stake. Wow, just wow. That’s a lot of deliberate effort.

Grisly story but it’s fucking football, not surprising whatsoever. Literally thousands of people all over the world have died repping their club, a war kicked off because of a soccer game, what do you think’s gonna happen if a referee fucks around and merks a player in front of his die hard fans.


Did they show the actual incident on live TV?

dam they dun fcked his face up u would think they would cut the guys arms off LOL

lol that guy got FUCKED up. I swear I’m looking at the guy’s face in that video, and I’m just thinking to myself that he had no idea that shit was gonna happen to him. If there is an afterlife he must be looking down on himself like an idiot.

All I gotta say is DAMN SON.

Two dead people over the game? one stabbed because the ref strapped, then the ref got beheaded. BEHEADED, MUTHA FUCKS!!! DID YOU READ THAT SHIT? Stuck his dome on a spike. The NEXT ref better come correct, or at least wear some heavy duty jewelry around the neck. btw, B is for Brazil, where booty is shakin. Don’t forget it.


What the hell, man.

I’m reading that story and I’m thinking to myself “this can’t be a real story.” Did Brazil revert back to the middle ages or what?

Who wouldn’t go “Mid East,” on someone if they killed a member of their family?

the ref got what he deserved.

Why are they stitching his legs and arms back, lol.

I’ve decided the proper course of action is that we all should pitch in and send Brazil an international goodwill card. I don’t think any of us are next, but with Evo, you just don’t know.

Sign, post, and pass on. When it’s full, just print it off, clear it off, and mail the printed copy to Pele.


Damn…nigga got zantesuken’d

Lol @ police arresting ONE suspect.