The WTF Thread: Xbox360 & PS3 Bug Reports

Any bugs you find post em 'ere!

Just make sure you state what console you are playing on, and how frequently the bug appears.
THIS POST LAST UPDATED: 1st December '08**

Crash Glitches

Single Player: Game freezes PS3: ** when starting arcade mode similar to crash when starting online mode.
Repetition: 4 times
Viewing Score Board PS3:
Game crashers when trying to view scoreboard.
Repetition: 100% reported by 1 user.

Gameplay Glitches**

**Zangief Super Motion Xbox360 & PS3: only works on one side of the screen. Half circle from right to left x2 right + Punch works on both left and right side, however performing the motion the other way round does not.
Repetition: 100% Reported by 3 People
Single Win Quote XBOX360 & PS3:
During online play the game will only use 1 win quote, however during local play there are several different win quotes for the characters.
Repetition: 100%

Graphical Glitches

Electric Shock GFX XBox360 PS3: GFX for electricuted opponent did not disappear, player was able to continue fighting with electricity gfx still visiable for the rest of the match. Note: (looks freaking awesome! [media=youtube]5cXcvy-dSNw[/media] )
Repetition: rare, also reported by 3 people

**Drained Static Health bar + Static Win Icons Xbox360: Both players already have 3 wins, healthbar is red instead of yellow, you cannot tell how much health you have left.
Repetition: Occasional, also reported by 6 people
Stray HitBoxXbox360:
During training mode when hitboxes are turned on, matchup between Fei and Ken stray red hit appears after Fei’s MK flying kick.

Black Stage Background PS3: GUI & Player’s character is visable however blackground and opponent sprites are black. photo
Repitition 1 time

Jaggied Edges Xbox360 & PS3 : Character sprites are not filtered correctly on some screen sizes causing jaggy sprites, this is particularly noticable on the “MAXIMUM” lettering on Dee Jay’s trousers.

Audio Glitches

No Character Sound Effects Xbox360: No sound effects heard players character however opponents sound effects can be heard.
Repitition:Random but frequent.

No Character Sound Effects Xbox360 : No sound effects heard players character however opponents sound effects can be heard.Repitition:Random but frequent.

No Speed Up Music Xbox360: Old bug from beta, when speed up music is meant to be played sometimes the game music will cut out altogether. No audio even at winner/loser protrait screen. Music returns when player is returned to lobby.
Repitition: Frequent

**Music Cuts Out Too Early Xbox360 & PS3: **When the round is over music cuts out abruptly instead of fading in and out.

Announcer Error Xbox360 & PS3: Announcer does not say PERFECT when player wins a perfect round in arcade mode.
Repetition: 100%

Announcer Error Xbox360 & PS3: Win with Akuma, announcer will say “You Win” instead of "Akuma Wins"
Repetition: 100%

GUI Glitches**

Controller Configuration Not Saved PS3: Game resets button setting to default after saving configuration even between matches.
Repetition: frequent, reported by several people including 1up

**Hud Freeze During Game: **See Graphical Glitches above Xbox360: Drained Static Health bar + Static Win Icons

Misc. Glitches

Chun Li Spinning Bird Kick Command Xbox360 & PS3: Game states SBK command is charge down and up + kick, this is only correct when done during wall jump or headstomp. Therefore it should be changed to back, toward + kick so that it is not confused with her up-kick.

Win/Loses Miscount Xbox 360 & PS3: System’s rankings does not record correct number of wins, and will issue a loose even when you have won all your bouts and been awarded 20 wins achievement.

On PS3, I was playing guile vs blanka. I got hit by electricity, and the “shock” aura stayed on me until the end of the match.

It’s not that you could see my skeleton or anything, just the waves of electricity around me. Purely a cosmetic glitch as far as I could tell. Looked kinda cool.

No bugs to report yet, but I think we should make a list then post it at Capcom’s forum.

X-Box 360 - Online - Audio bugs

So yeah, there’s quite a few audio bugs while playing online. For some reason the sound likes to cut out every once in a while, whether that be a move set or the BGM. A few times I’ve been throwing fireballs with no sound what so ever, or maybe the opponents sounds, but neither mine or the BGM. I haven’t heard hit sounds cut out yet though.

It seems to happen when two players select their character at roughly the same time. It might be related to other things as well, but you can hear the second select sound just stop out of the blue. Whenever it’s happened I remember this happening before hand so it’s pretty coincidental. Not the biggest bug in the world, but pretty crippling for those who relie on sounds for confirmation.

Also I’ve had a couple of crashes where you can hear the match you’re watching, but not see the game. Only ever experienced this twice though…

I did the samething to someone on the ps3 last night. I was blanka and this guy throw me when the electricity was starting and he killed me, but the shock aura was still around him for the next 2 rounds as I whooped that ass! It was a cool effect!

On the PS3, Eric Kim was just playing, and as the match booted up… the ONLY thing you could see was Eric’s Character (Ken), and the HUD display. His opponent was DeeJey, but the whole screen was black.

The hit sparks came up, the audio was there, just the screen was black exept for the character Ken.

And the game locked up with the match was over. Very Bad Bug.


-Same glitch as Renegade; my Blanka zapped my opponent’s Ken, and he was rippling with electricity effects for the rest of the match. Not round, match.

-Four separate occasions of the game freezing while starting a one-player game. Ugh. It’s not just online modes, people. Who the hell playtested this?

-I’ll post more as I discover them. This>>sleep.


-Is anyone else having a harder time with the “easier” 360, or worse still, 720 replacements? I figured that the Gief/Hawk supers would feel different since they actually lost the old 720 motions…but both of them cause me much more trouble now. Anyone else? All of the other move changes feel wonderful and natural, though it will take a few days to replace the old reflex motions with the new ones :wink:

-I LOVE BLANKA AND KEN IN THIS GAME. Having fun with Cammy, Gief, Fei, Honda…pretty much the entire cast. Sirlin really did a good job of making the game more fun, and it seems (though it’s early, of course) like the tiers evened out. But immediately I could tell Blanka and Ken have been greatly improved. The only thing I’ve seen so far that makes me wonder is what James Chensor mentioned about Ken’s fb trap–>fierce SRK/super juggle nonsense. Time will tell I guess.

-The netcode is much better than Hyper Fighting, or pretty much anything else out there on console…but it’s definitely not GGPO. I hope more than anything that Backbone acknowledges the most glaring issues with the PS3 version and patches it along with the rumored trophy set download-to-be.

-I absolutely cannot WAIT to see major tournaments with this game. It’s fucking brilliant. Could use some polish on a few things, but still, what a leap forward for the penultimate fighting game.

For the 360 version of the game, I know at one time the matches would show the following:

Both character’s HP is completely red, not yellow. It would go down like normal HP would, except instead of the yellow bar it’d be red
Both characters would already have 3 win stars

These matches were played with a 3-win limit online

I was playing the some offline matches with some friends(PS3), and we had some issues setting buttons. The game would reset our button configurations right after we set them and even between matches.

In the 360 version, in training mode, it has a stray red hitbox when you turn hitbox display on (though this might not be a glitch). Matchup was Fei Long vs. Ken, started happening after his MK flying kick.

This also happened to me while playing online

One annoying bug is that the remixed music is terrible. Vega stage seems to be the only one who doesn’t suffer from this bug, would like this patched as soon as possible

ps3, just got on about an hour or so ago, i won about 30 matches and havent even lost a round, but i have 1 loss?

btw my ps 3 gamer thing is DR549 or somethin like that come play me!

I downloaded it this morning and couldn’t get an online match this morning on the 360 so I just tried a little SP, looks good.

We got to play when I get off work today sir!

Ps- my buttons config resets everytime I stop playing hd remix on the ps3. I lost a game due to my buttons being screwed up after coming back and playing after eating.

Yes we can build the list here, then post it on the Capcom boards, if you want to start a thread there SRK Bug Report or something go ahead, just copy and paste.

Yes I have experienced this aswell on the 360, my character makes no sound at all but opponent does. A bug that happened in the beta aswell music cutting out when speed up music is meant to start.

random audio dissappears cuz of lag. i think thats a very nice sacrifice rather than a huge frame skip or extra input lag or something.

you guys need to post bugs on the capcom unity forums to ensure they are reading the bugs. why you guys post em here, makes no sense

Don’t expect too much, I suck at ST. :mad: I’ll add you though!

So that we don’t have to go to the Capcom-Unity to look them up?

I dont know about that, because the music does not return until you return to the lobby, so there is no music played during the winner loser protrait screen.

Depends if people are willing to go and sign up, I’m assuming alot of folks will be too lazy to do so, this way it only takes one of us to post it all on the Capcom board, kinda like how Cow Disease did with the updates and ideas in the first page of the HDRemix thread.

not sure if this counts as a bug but sagat’s in game move list looks wrong to me… (PS3)