The Wyoming thread!

Here’s hoping there is someone alive in this state other than me, Im in Cheyenne. Any Ft Colllins or Denver peeps? Im 45 mins away from Ft Collins, 1 hour and 40 from Denver. I have a feeling this thread is gonna be lonely.

Yo, I’m in laramie visiting my dad. Don’t suppose there are any other gamers here?

I did a state report on Wyoming in 4th grade. :lovin: As desolate as it sounds, one day I would like to stop by and see this relatively untouched valley…but definitely not for SF :sad:

Yes, terrible place to be for SF. Plenty of gamers, but no one committed to SF. Here in Rock Springs … lonely. lol

Got a friend at WyoTech who loves SF and plays alot, but isn’t very good.

I feel lonely just reading this

You should. Now just imagine actually having to deal with it.

Moving to Laramie for college. Any chances of ssf4 around here?

Yeah, there’s like two guys here in Casper that play.

I’m getting ready to start organizing events, but I don’t want to front a bunch of cash if like 3 guys show up.

I’m in Buffalo and play, hit me up on XBL if you wanna get some matches in. :slight_smile:

Hey Wyoming! Listen up!

Just moved to Cheyenne from honolulu, where I helped create the scene. Too bad I just missed that tournament. Is Casper the only place to play?

goomg to jackson hole soon for a few weeks. any players arpund there? does this thread really only have 1page???

Hello all, almost a 99% chance I’ll be moving over to Cheyenne in the beginning of May. What’s it like around there? I heavily play AE and hope to have some good competition should I end up going.


OK so, I’m in Jackson, WY for the next 5 days. If there is anyone out there send me a txt 801-867-4o5o
Tell your friends!

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How is the snow? It is about a 2 - 3 hour drive from where i am at but i drive a mustang. If the weather is ok, we can get a few games in.

Weather isn’t so bad. Let do it! :wink: let me know. It will be good to play some new people. Txt me an we’ll work it out.

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I’ve been running monthly/bimonthly events here in Casper, and I’m looking to start doing a casuals night. If you’re ever in the area, hit me up, I play most anything. I’ll keep this thread updated with upcoming events.

Check out the Rocky Mountain Frame Trap Society facebook


Please add me on XBL. Once I get DSL, I would like to get some online matches in but better yet, I want to get a Wyoming Fighting Organization thing going. Looking at spreading the word over here in the Fremont County area.

Also add me on there and we can discuss this further. I already liked the Rocky Mountain page.