The X-Converter - PS1/2 to Xbox 360 - FOR XBOX LIVE UMK3 PLAYERS!

As much of you all know and heard, we had a HUGE UMK3 tourney here in C-Bus this past weekend. It was played on my UMK3 cab but there was also 2 pads connected to the machine, wired the same way the sticks were, creating a lagless way for pad players to experience UMK3 the way it was intended, on a cab straight off a jamma board.

The pads used and that will be used, as a STANDARD pad, were the original Playstation 1 (PSX) pads, BEFORE Dual Shock, before the analogs were added. The best, most basic standard we can do and will do for cab play.

Now with realizing that there are alot of players who play UMk3 on Xbox Live, there is a way to get all those players used to playing UMK3 on a PSX pad. THE X-CONVERTER BY JOYTRON! YOU WILL STILL NEED A WIRED 360 PAD TO USE THIS CONVERTER!

Quick overview:

Xconverter 360 by Joytron: These are the best and thankfully least expensive option for using a PS2 controller on the 360. It’s Korean made and sold by SRK member laugh who brought us the InPin. Analog = Home.
Compatible with: PS1 Digital, PS1 DS, PS2 DS, HRAP Series, Tekken 5, MAS, Namco, SFAC 3.5, SFAC Controller
Incompatible with:
Reviews: laugh, Ikagi-chan, Gamecop

So now, you are asking yourself, “how can I get one?” or “where do i order one of these? I need one so i can win Season’s Beatings 6!” Well, i have that link for you.

To order a X-Converter by Joytron, click here!!

Again, for at least 99% of UMK3 tourneys in Ohio, the PSX pad will be the standard for my cab. So for the 360 pad players either on XBL or Mame, you need to get this asap and get adapted!!!

Nice to see there is a relatively inexpensive way to get a good controller on 360. Sure as hell beats that XFPSaddotherlettershere, that thing had button loss and cost like 85$. I’ll have to check it out.

Nice find Tim. I’m tempted to pick up one incase I were to go to a tournament run on a 360 (not just for MK either)

out of stock! D: