The Xbox 360 NXE Wallpaper/Theme Thread

Anyone else here make their own Wallpaper/Themes for 360 Dashboard? Here are the templates for both SDTV’s and HDTV’s, oh and I found these online so I don’t take credit for making them.

SDTV Template

And yes you need to use all of the black border or else it will be stretched.

HDTV Template

My current Wallpaper/Theme for SDTV: Vikki Blows does Devil May Cry 4 by YabukiStyle here on SRK. :smile:

Post up!

EDIT: All you need to get these on your 360 is a USB Stick or any device the 360 can read like and Ipod, go to Picture Library and click on the device with your theme, find your theme and hit “Y To Set As Wallpaper”.

too bad nxe has all that wasted space on the bottom.

Sweeeeet! :smokin:

Except when you go to “My Videos” or a simlar section. then the bottom half drops. I dont really like the NXE.


Some No More Heroes and Devil May Cry 4 skins for SDTV’s.

Good shit!

I would love to have a No More Hereos theme on my box.