The Xfire thread

It’s a small download, less than 2 megs. I propose that we use it to find competition. Post your xfire name here and we can all make a nice big buddy list to find competition.

I’m known as fatherbrain on xfire

go get that shit

But it’s for first person shooter games How can we get kaillera severs to work on here…You know that kaillera has this on it already it’s called the waiting games.

Who says it HAS to be for that? Just use it as a PLAYER finder. :slight_smile:

Okay but I still don’t get how the hell it works with kaillera.
I mean I’m not trying to be a ass but I only saw firstperson shooter games on that list nothing related to kaillera.

simple. dl xfire, make a profile, and leave it running when you want a match. When someone hits you up, figure out where you wanna go and log off xfire. basically, leave it on when you’re in the mood to play and add everyone you can from this thread. :slight_smile:

come on people. it’s a 2 meg dl, and it’s a nice way to hook up for fights. put some more names up in here y’all

Why should I download something that’s obsolete?

cuz it’s small, and not everyone has aim, yim, or msn. Besides, I didn’t know it was obsolete. It’s a good way to have everyone on tap for matches.

Since when is it obsolete? I just read that the creators made like a zillion dollars off of it.

Hey, don’t worry though Fatherbrain, surely someone here still plays Super Nintendo games.

Who cares?

It’s obsolete because I already have AIM to ask the ppl I usually play, for matches.

Unless Xfire can be used for other stuff too?

fb came to my house and stole my cat away until i dl’d this, me be boleslaw on here, its not a bad idea actually, this way i only have to talk to these people when i want to play and people know i want to play

also can i have my gina back now?

Heh, funny that you say this, cuz I was reading an article about X-Fire. This thing has bout 2 million members and running, it lets you message to people w/o alt-tabbing out of the game, it shows what games your friends are playing, it downloads the latest patches for you…its basically AIM, but more oriented toward gamers.

And I don’t even have it, better download it later.

I guess if you want to play Kaillera x-fire isn’'t really necessary…that’s because this kinda of gaming is obsolete compared to the fps and mmorpg stuff

its alot more efficient