The Yang Ground Game Thread

im fairly new with Yang and i havent seen much ground game beside c.weakkick>mantis slash or c.weakkick>Ex mantis slash.

any input will be greatly appreciated.

Well you definately haven’t seen into mantis but I assume you are talking about -> Mantis. Another pretty common link is, -> Ex Mantis and prolly the most common combo from the ground.

interest. your right i havent seen any of that.

utilize his lp to bait opponents in the corner and use the spacing in between to connect a low mk->EX zorro

EX: yun is in the corner after a low mk->EX zorro

you walk up about half space from him and throw out a st. lp (cr.lp baits better) if the yun goes for it…he’ll possibly throw out a for space but then you can just use the space you have and connect a low mk->EX zorro

very effective most of the time

So basically… whiff punish. :wonder:

Yang’s ground game is obviously good. You’ve got multiple options that generally lead to knockdowns [and most of those options involve adding slashes to them] and the majority of his normals are fast. You can dance right outside of someone’s favored poke range [for instance, Ken’s low forward], and punish it with ex slashes. If they whiff it, ex it.

Stand forward is a decent normal to poke around with, it’s fast and annoying, it catches people walking around and even covers if someone jumps. It generally loses to lows, though. Sweep can be useful for catching people trying to move back from you, though if it gets baited you’re probably going to lose a lot of life.

Something good to keep in mind is to think of Yang’s slashes as extra pokes [ex slash especially]. If you’re in range, it doesn’t hurt to sometimes throw out a jab slash for some chip, pressure and meter.

Also, low short -> normal slashes tend to connect anyways because the opponent was slow on the block. No it doesn’t combo, but yes does it sometimes connect anyways.

Also, by FAR the most common combo is low forward -> slashes. 2x shorts -> ex is not even close.

This is kinda gimmicky but this really good player did this to me the other day and I didn’t have a chance to ask how. In the corner with Yang he did the close fierce normal for 2 hits, but after the first hit he canceled into a teleport. Only thing is he didn’t end up behind me, but stayed in front this messed me up and he just did it again, and again, and the stun is pretty decent, after 3 I got stunned. I had some stun anyway, but that’s not the point. I was using Yang myself, how did he do this?

Er, exactly how you described it. Close fierce and cancel the first hit into a short teleport. He doesn’t end up on the other side because you can’t cross up another Yang like that in the corner.

You should have just either grabbed his ass, or jab xx ex. Teleport is a really unsafe move, you can easily kill him if he tries something like that.

Well if he is doing such crap he isn’t a good player at all. I mean sometimes I use the teleport to cross other people (or end up in front of them BUT always outside of poke range) as well but this is like once in 10 Matches? Actually everyone knows that Yang can’t cross Yang/Yun in the corner.

I didn’t know, i was trying with ken, in training I should of tried with yang/yun as well. Since I didn’t know I wasn’t ready for him to NOT cross me up, and that lead to 3 teleports and a stun

When you ain’t sure (and in the corner) just do the x2 and Ex Mantis

No one mentioned far standing hp? I love that for a poke

Yang’s far standing fierce and roundhouse are very parryable. I wouldn’t recommend them for pokes, myself. jab Slashes are useful bait pokes, as is his lp. Yang isn’t really a character you get to poke with much. If you’re turtling with SA2 you use to build meter, if you’re using SA3 you do the same until you get meter, or you try and parry to get off a lf->mantis which gives you an almost full SA3 meter, or various other things. If you’re trying to poke to get space or relieve pressure, probably jab mantis is best.

not constantly but just when they think you’re out of range and BAM! Right to the jaw