The Yang Match Up Thread

i think the yang everything thread is to big. you have to look through so many pages to find what your looking for. One thread for different subjects would run smoother.

anyways, im wondering what are good match ups for Yang and what are bad match ups for Yang.

thank you for your advice ahead time.

Akuma- Yang has Advantage

AFew Ex mantises on him then… Yeah… should be a bit easy.

I’ll try to think of more later… Sorry.

what about Yang vs Hugo. i seen some tourney vids of this match. yang won both matches but it was close tho.

anyone has any input into this?


That’s all, And Blocking waiting for a nice time to ex , Charge up that bar too… It’s a pain if you get it blocked.

i see. i have alot of hugo players in my area. if i get too close after a knock down. i get a 36O* wakeup grab.

Jump back fierce

jump back fierce punch or kick? i usually just teleport on the other side?

Fierce is the HP. The high kick is called ‘roundhouse’ well anyways…
Against Hugo the best thing is to turtle I guess since it is hard for him to come close. When he is lying on the ground I usually jump straight in the air and then you can do like a Fierce, Strong into Ex Mantis (even if they get blocked you are pretty save) or land on your feet and do a flip grab.

oh thanks for the understanding?

hmmmmm i see. the flip grab is very effected. i usually wait until he tries to do that running grab. then i crouch+weak kick into mantis slash.

ima try and use the flip grab more. if i miss 36O* grab here i come lol

teleporting is gimmicky and against a hugo that’s determined to mash 360’s, you WILL get caught if you decide to teleport at the wrong time.

Playing against hugo is partly affected by your choice of super, sa2 and 3 have similar yet different playstyles when hugo comes to mind.

Well you can play both SAs rushdown or turtle-like against Hugo at least that’s my experience.

yeah i usually try two rush down and use yang speed.

yeah i know about about teleporting at the wrong time and get 36O grab’d

good match ups

hugo (SA3)



other chars were either not worth mentioning or i just didnt have experience vs them…(EX: sean-not worth it / oro- im not too sure so i wouldnt say anything)

most of this was based off vids, tier lists and some my personal thoughts (for example i do well against most yun’s with yang but most players dont do well vs yun so i put him in the bad match ups)

any questions on the match ups ill post a vid or give an explaination

I thought yang was supposed to fair pretty well with Yun. I wouldn’t say yang is particularly strong against Remy

well vs yun…its easy for him to avoid the GJ…using teleports and dash backs…also using cr.lp too when in a block string…also vs remy…because of the small stun bar it’ll be easy for yang to get a stun off and deal good damage…although all of this depends on whos playing but as i said this is based off vids, tier lists and some my personal thoughts and experiences

Well Yun has some of Yang’s moves (or Yang has some of Yun’s who cares) like the divekick (i.e. the same good mix up) and the j.roundhouse…
Yang’s only ‘advantage’ are the Mantis Slashes but well I guess Genei Jin is way better (since on well spaced divekick is enough to pull of a good GJ combo).

Their normals are different, and their framerates/damage/speed/hitboxes are different on their shared moves like divekick. The only one that’s really the same move is their command throw. Yang vs. Yun is pretty Yang in my opinion. Turtling up and going offensive are both viable against Yun. Even normal mantises do alot of stun and more than decent damage.

Nope. Their j.HK for instance is the same move as well (extremely good priority).
Turtling against Yun is total bullshit. He will build meter and finish you off

yand vs hugo

has the potential to just shut him down.
but one mistake you eat big damage

IMO id say its a 6-4 yang favor

I’ve been really struck with this matchup lately, so I’ll post a bit on it.

Chun-Li vs Yang.

This is a hard match for Yang. The threat of Chun-Li’s low foward and back-fierce (even without meter) makes it difficult for Yang to be inside where he needs to be. Dive kicks are beaten by low roundhouse, back fierce and jumping roundhouse. Crouching chun is also a problem for Yang. Most of his standing normals will whiff over her, and a chun player with good reactions can stuff UOH and toward and forward with well… any button she feels like pressing :rofl:. Yang, like most mid-tier characters, doesn’t have much of an answer to Chun-Li’s wake-up game (low jab, walk up grab, kara-grab, back fierce, low forward, etc). If you spam grab on wake-up to break a throw, you’ll probably get supered. If you break a throw on reaction, the throw break puts you in Chun’s standing fierce and if in the corner, her low forward zone. If you try to parry on wake-up, you might thrown or supered via low forward (low parry) or back fierce (cannot be parried low) :sad:. On top of all this, many of Chun-Li’s normals (namely back fierce and low forward) beat Yang’s normals, and not to mention them being extremely safe against Yang *. This is why it is a task for Yang to be in range for his mixup game.

Above is what makes this matchup difficult. The following are some of the tools you need to beat a good Chun-Li player.

Chun-Li has to feel the threat of Yang’s low foward on her wake-up. Chun-Li’s wake up consists of low jab, quick stand back feirce or low forward, grabbing, blocking, ex-spinning bird (:confused:), and maybe a parry. All of these, other than spinning bird EX, blocking and parrying, can be beaten by Yang’s low forward meaty (which combo’s into Tourou Zan, EX if you have it). Low forward is safe on block, however the range it puts you if blocked can be tricky for both players, depending on the distance. Now of course chun may get smart and decide to parry low on her wakeup. This is risky for her because of the threat of zenpou tenshin and uoh->>ex tourou.

So thats pretty much the bread and butter against chun-li on her wake up. Getting a knock down is a different story… :mad:. I’ll post more later, along with mixup game tricks and even some gimmicky stuff that can come in handy against chun or any other matchup even.

*There are some exceptions to Chun’s pokes against Yang’s pokes, which are worth knowing. I’ll discuss those later.