The Yang Match Up?

Ok so there really isn’t much posted in these forums for this character when it comes to how to play certain match ups. I mean yes there are some decent well detailed guides on his combos and how to play him but when it comes to match ups there really isn’t anything here for reference. So i figure I’d start a post on how certain match up can be played pending on the player and character you are playing.If you have any info you would like to share regarding character match ups for Yang please feel free to do so. :slight_smile:

Sagot: We all know that this character has a pretty good keep away game and rarely comes in on you. Jumping over tiger shots can and will be risky pending on the spacing. The risk here is eating a Tiger uppercut, which can fadc into a ton of trouble which get you right back a square one. The solution that i used works pretty swell in my opinion.

Tiger shots: Fadc forward to close the distance. Use palm and EX palm obviously, its a good tool against fireballs.When your close enough I find that Yang’s dash can be useful at seldom times to either close the distance or end up behind him. Be careful using this because they can wait for you to dash and just grab you and put you in the corner or back at a reasonable distance pending on the player. Also make good use of his roll kicks. Well timed roll will mess up his face.

When you get in there: When you in there dont let him breathe. Bait out his Wake up Tiger Uppercuts and Knees and punish the shit out of him with Cr.Hp>Mantis slashes. A trick that I found may be a possible frame trap that I did by mistake and which i do sometimes on a match is what I call the mantis frame trap. Its fairly simple and can score counter hits into a damaging combo. Being that the first slash of lp Mantis is safe on block, you can delay it do another first slash mantis if they press a button you WILL score a counter hit. I ended up scoring 5 counter hits against someone just using delayed first slash mantis. Dont get carried away though. They will tiger uppercut.

Ultra to use: Its smart to go with Yang’s horrible U2 because it can go through fireballs and mess up his face with barrage of kicks, but, if you think you can get in there and by out poking him and closing the distance by all means go U1. I think thats the better ultra anyways, its more damaging and doesn’t do as much damage scaling.

I know i didnt put down how to out poke him but Sagot is prown to standing Rh, St. Fwd. when you feel any of these come out. Duck it and>Mantis slash his ass.

This is what id put down on the little and limited knowledge i have on Yang that i have done personally. I know i need a ton of work on my yang but thats what these forums are for. To help on another get better in one aspect or another. Plz dont get mad at me if any of this info is wrong. if you have any knowledge you wanna share on Yang match ups plz feel free to post. I’m hungry and I’m wanna eat. :smiley:

I told myself I wasn’t gonna do a match thread for AE, but about a week and a half ago, I decided to do the Yang one… then Ono announced a rebalance, and I said fuck it.

No point going crazy learning matches now, IMO. I’m waiting for AE 2012 before I start writing up novels.

True, when does 2012 release, i didnt read much about it. -__-

This. I’m just gonna practice the combos and get some offline experience until then.

The problem is if they nerf the twins .will people stop playing them?

If you like the character, why would you care if other people play him/her/it? Especially since the game will be “balanced” (blergh). Then all the characters will have a shot (presumably), so no worries.


i totally agree

Imma still tick with COdy whom is my main, but i wanna pocket Yang, cuz well i like his character even if jokas get the nerf bat to the face

yeah if they nerf the twins too hard, people will stop using them. just like SF4 sagat , SSF4 Cammy.

At Evo Ono said he is trying a rebalance with other characters. He didn’t mention a nerf with the Twins because, he did mention the work players have already put into those characters. He did mention about adjusting certain extensions the twins have. Just gotta wait and find out later this year.

The yang vs guille match up,who favor is it in?
I no once yang = knockdown,get in,corner him = guile death
but it hard for yang get in on guile because AAs n different ver sonic booms make it hard punish with roll