The Year of the Collection

Over the past year both SNK and Capcom have done their best to empty their respective back catalogues of fighters into collections for us to enjoy. With both Fatal Fury Collection (#1 - 3) and King of Fighters NESTS on the horizon, and Street Fighter Alpha Anthology still fresh on everyone’s minds, what’s left for either company to do? Sadly we’ll probably never see a Marvel collection from Capcom (X-Men: CotA, Marvel Super Heroes, X-Men vs. SF, MSH vs. SF), due to EA presently having the license, but there’s still a lot of quality / nostalgic stuff that can be put out.

  1. Real Bout Fatal Fury Collection: I think this is a given, and will be released later this year. I wonder if they’ll include the PSX Dominated Mind exclusive game.

  2. Samurai Spirits / Showdown Collection: Dunno why SNK released the Last Blade collection before this, maybe they’re unsure as to how well an SS collection would sell (anyone know how well the PS2 version of Tenka did?).

  3. World Heroes Collection: Personally, World Heroes 2 is a game I played a ton of when I was younger, and I never had the opportunity to play Jet, so I would gladly welcome something like this. With ADK letting SNK use WH characters in NGBC I think it’s not that unlikely either.

  4. Capcom Random Fighters Anthology: Namely Saturday Night Slam Masters 1 & 2, Cyberbots, and Warzard / Red Earth. SNSM 2 never received a home version, so it would be nice to be able to play it outside of MAME, and we know that Capcom was working on a new Warzard game before they were charged with tax fraud in Japan (this game was to include the original Warzard), so why not just do this collection.

I think that covers most of the big stuff by either company - I know SNK could release collection(s) of all the lesser - known Neo-Geo fighters (Breakers, Fighter’s History, etc.) if they were to acquire the rights…any other collections people want?

Does anyone know if the collections for Fatal Fury or SS are gonna get a US release? SNSM2 might could get put on an Arcade Classics disc ??

Cyberbots deserves a revival.

Probably not, considering that Sony of America hates 2D games.

Yeah…probably never.

I actually want a Guilty Gear collection.

Sure outside or maybe two or so characters, all the characters from previous games remain in the most recent version, but I still would like to see it.

Actually a VF collection would be better seeing how unique, most of the games are in game play and appearance.

Now that I think about it, a Marvel/Capcom collection would be amazing. Alas, it’s too good a collection to be released. EA tries it’s darndest to bore gamers into submission with repetive mainstream sports games that have almost no changes each year. They buy up awesome franchises so they can hog the rights and not make good games, the fuckers.
End of semi-rant.

Too bad a marvel collecti9on would be great…if they were arcade perfect that is.
the ps1 versions were butchered.

JoJo Bizarre for PS2 would be nice :wgrin:

random fighters collection got me feindin

(unfinished warzard game? whats this?)

I think that’s unlikely to happen anytime soon. The original GG is available on PS1 and all the other GG games (GGX, GGXX, GGXX#R, GGI, GGXXS) are available on PS2 (that’s counting the Japanese releases). Besides, the GG series is relatively new compared to other series such as the SF series or the KOF series.

Capcom doesn’t have the Marvel license anymore so, it’s not going to happen unless Capcom wants to spend a shitload of money with Marvel licenses (regardless of how much you, I or several other people love Marvel, I doubt this is going to happen, honestly).

But doesn’t Capcom own the rights to the original games since they made them? If so couldn’t they put them all on one disc as long as they are unchanged? I thought they had the rights to those. The big thing when Marvel raised that big stink about the xbox live! add-on to MvC2 was that they claimed it totaly made the game anew(total crap). Capcom released MvC2 on PS2 & Xbox well after they lost the license to make games with Marvel characters. So if they could release the same game just not changed, why not a bunch of the same games unchanged?:nunchuck: :rock:

I’d like to see a collection of Capcom and SNK games that I can never ever find in the US unless I import: IE Last Blade, Garou Mark of the Wolf, Jojo’s, Darkstalkers, etc.

Capcom Random Fighters Anthology? Warzard? Cool… And Street Fighter III series?