The $yndicate Presents CTF Tournament(4/9/2005): Countdown to Revelations Results

Mvc2 results

24 people

1st- Sanford Kelly [sent/storm/commando, mag/cable/sent-a, storm/sent/cable]
2nd- Desmond Pinkney “Xecutioner” [sent/storm/commando]
3rd- Erik Arroyo"Smoothviper" [cable/sent/cyke, mag/cable/sent-a, sent/storm/commando]
4th- Michael Williams “Infinite” [mag/cable/sent-a. mss-a]


-Steve"Megaman" sends Josh wigfall to the losers
-Desmond comes back to get 2nd after i send him to the losers
-Josh losing to DC1 in the losers
-Josh then buying himself back into the tourny
-Josh gets the losers bracket gauntlet(Andre,DC1,George) but loses to george and doesnt make it back into the brackets
-Winners Finals (Erik vs Sanford) 3-0 Sanford
-Losers Finals (Desmond vs Erik) 3-1 Desmond
-Grand Finals (Desmond vs Sanford) 4-0 Sanford
-alot of people so it should be even bigger next month before ecc

Sorry i couldnt make it to this one but the next 1 fa sho. 1…

BTW: Mike how did Andre do? I wanna some ammo so i can get on him =p

I am assuming yipes didn’t go and wtf micheal you always place high. lol Thats it i want you for a DOLLAR!

Im gonna be up there on May 25th or maybe a week earlier. I might capture some matches from CTF.

Good shit guys. See you all at ECC.

yipes didn’t go? congrats clips.

i coulda sworn I saw yipes.

Im entering next month.

wasn’t sanford supposed to quit marvel after new years?


Is it possible to include cvs2 in the next monthly now that the machine is back at cf?

Hell NO!!! haha j/k. I will have it but lets hope people will actually sow up this time…

Isn’t That what He always calms :lame: .