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Street fighter x tekken description

The Inheritor of the Demon Sword
As the mysterious head of the Manji clan, Yoshimitsu steals from evil companies and spreads their wealth to the poor. Although he has a serious temperament, he also shows flashes of stupidity. Believing that his demonic sword is resonating with the large mass of fighters who are searching for Pandora in the Antarctic, Yoshimitsu travels with Raven in order to quell his sword’s cries.

Normal move notes (Found via

**Normal moves:**These will be difficult to describe, since I’m just guessing at what’s a normal and not a special, and I have no way of saying what is lp/mp/hp, etc.

[]Crouching upward sweeping motion with sword. Appears to be new, as I don’t otherwise recognize it. Does not seem to launch.
]Side kick (df+4). Appears to be a normal move, but this is recognizable from Tekken.
[]Triple Roundhouse (4,4,4). I had originally put this with Special moves, but it’s probably just a normal move combo.
]Downward slash - like his 2B from Soul Calibur.
Special moves
:dp: +:p:

poison breath
:hcb: +:k:

:hcb::f:+ :p:

slap you silly

Manji low kicks

Indian stance vacuum dance
:dp:+:3p: reverse :dp:+:3p: or :3k:

Super art
Sword poke windmill

(Current notes about his other mix of specials or unique moves.) found via

[]Devious Plot and Sword Face Smash throws
]Manji sweeps (uncertain how many spins, or if it makes him stagger upon too many spins); also seems to have a shorter variation that uses both feet…like one spin kick plus a crouching kick (2nd video, 00:45)
[]Flea stance
– Running Flea (his 1-sword version from T5 backward)
– Ducking Flea (can be held, and returns to Flea, so can do Ducking Flea -> Diving cranium)
– Flea hop** (has spring sound effect for some reason)**
– Diving cranium (does a short hop up on block)
]Slap U Silly (also uncertain if it makes you dizzy after too many spins)
EDIT: Slap U Silly will dizzy after too many hits, as seen in one of the later videos. Spun too fast for me to count, but it seemed like about seven or eight sound effects. Doesn’t seem like it affects the EX version, though.
[]Suicide/Double suicide (Double suicide may be EX version)
]Indian Sit / Teleport (seems to be an instant move, so Indian Sit may not be an actual stance)
[]Poison Wind -> Stone Fist -> Manji Flip (can go immediately into indian sit teleport)
– Poison Wind -> Stone Fists -> Poison Wind combo possible, so he seems to have most of his options from Poison Wind intact.
]Gehosen (his f,N,d,DF+1 from T6); launches high, and comes out very fast. Has an EX version.
[]Sword Poke Windmill (instant, uncertain if it’s a followup from sword impale that can come out instantly or not…in any case, he does a one-legged pose, like his old taunt dance, while doing it, and it sucks in and multi-hits)
]Poison breath (comes out instantly, without going to bad stomach first)
[]Kangaroo kick (his command launcher, since all characters now have a launcher); causes tag-in of team member.
]Ninja blade slice (his f,f+2 – is a charge-up move, can be charged up to super. Unblockable? Always seems to go through on hit, but not sure if it can be blocked.)
– Can cancel into windmill before launching attack.
[]“Super” Sword poke windmill (super combo, has same vacuum property as regular, and, like regular, can be blocked)
]Some diving sword windmill attack. Looking forward to pressure games.
Other notes

[]His normal stance has changed to resemble Mitsurugi’s Relic stance from Soul Calibur, with his sword held up close to his face. Unsure of why they changed it, but it does still look pretty cool.
]At about 00:58 on the second video, he does what looks like his SC 2B, but this is probably not a special move.
[]Possible to tag out during animation of Sword Poke Windmill, while opponent is stuck in block animation. Good setup opportunity.
]Tag on/off involves Dragonfly stance fly-in. Can perform with Hidden God throw on tag-in (unsure of mechanics).

Properties (Air and ground)


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Yoshimitsu’s Cross Art


So yoshimitsu can ground an opponent after a launcher with HP Poison Breath… If there’s another character that can do this, does that mean… infinites?


No, from what i seen you can only launch :hp:+:hk:) twice. the second time nothing will hit them


I thought this was only when hitting someone in the air, not a hard-coded limit? Are you sure that a 2nd, grounded, launcher wont work?


Yupp. example Ryu and Yoshi team. Ryu standard combo abc launch. yoshi come does a :hp: than poison breathe. that crumples. Yoshi does abc launch. after that launch you can’t hit the opponent with anything because they fall down to fast.


Ah, too bad.


Here is yoshimitu’s actual moveset for specials



Idk anything really about Yoshimitsu except he looks badass and he uses a sword. If he plays like a ranged character, with long range pokes and good/decent mobility I’ll use him.


^ ^ I was wondering what his suicide command was. Saw it in a bunch of videos and could never get it. Also, his flea stance is D+PPP. K does his low dive out of that.


Did they really have Suicide as one of his special moves? I mean I know it’s one of Yoshi’s more defining moves…but it’s also one of the most useless moves in the Soul Calibur/Tekken.

I hope there is some use for it, but eitherway Yoshi is go to play more like your typical mixup character in SF4.


U/F is his pogo leap attack, just like in Tekken. Pretty bad in this game IMO. Good for trolling scrubs, about it.


Does Yoshimitsu have his DRG outside of cross assaults and tags?


how is suicide useless in T6? -_-’ if anything its one of the only good things about T6 yoshi…as he does like no good damage, you gotta be trying hella hard or trollin…one of the two. also wanted to note the command list did not list his normal windmill, but im about 100% its his charge attack so these should all be updated to the first post(cough, cough) that and it seems he can launch you twice by using is SRK multiple times in a combo, combined with EX bad breath…he has Nina like Combo Potential…or even better~

-side note: TTT2 yoshi for DLC costume


K I’ve got Yoshimitsu gameplay stuff from playing at NYCC

-F+MK overhead is godly, completely avoids nearly every low attack and you can get an easy combo off of it on CH
-I don’t remember but I think you can cancel the chain LP,MP

  • Windmill is good for Tag Cancelling, but EX Suicide is much better and does tons more damage
    -Poison Breath auto crumples the opponent, even if they are in a juggle
    -The only non-EX moves that knock down are Gehosen and Suicide
    -Pogo is near useless, jump is stupid and will get owned by everything and Pogo -> K is extremely unsafe
    -Teleport is somewhat good
    -F+HK,HK,HK is his Tekken 4,4,4


Any new news?