The "You Whoooped Me Thread"

GG thread implies there was competition. I kinda think there should be a thread for when I want to congratulate someone for whooping my ass indescriminately, y’know?

what about the other way around…? ^.^

wish always kain’s me at ST we just played and i think it was 33-4 , lol

DGV & Kyokujin >>>>>>> me

I hereby dedicate this thread to the King of Beatdown, DGV.

Yeah, I’ve never been so frustrated trying to get in on someone’s Dee Jay.

i just got a beating off of Wishworm. 37-7 i think. damn his rog, chun, ryu, o.ken etc etc.

The guy who probably whoops me the most on KOF is Evil Ray. Great mindgame/keepout/groundgamer. He’s probably really good at SF.

DGV is the best I’ve played at ST.