The YTMND thread

It isn’t quite videos…however I couldn’t think of a better place that these could go. I think at one time you guys had a ytmnd thread but it’s not here so I figured this could be the start of a new one. Post up stuff that’s entertaining if you frequent the site and if there’s a bit of backstory involving it (I.E. I CAN…BREAK THESE CUFFSSSSS…) then go ahead and post the video/source first if it’s required.

I’ll start it off with this!


on it’s own…it may not be that funny but then you watch this

and here’s something else out of the blue

Metal Gear King Dedede:


Young Mortal Combat Association:

How to Eat a Watermelon:

wtf!? lol


Phoenix Cosby:

Cosby Contacts Neo:

here’s 2 classics that I’m sure most have seen already

Cosby Bebop:

Dr. Dre ft. Cosby:

(-_-) foof:

and then…

(O_O) foof:

A feast for little Cindy Lou Who:

I’m sure she got her fill…

Cosby, Uber Ninja Turtle.

The best fanfic ever:



oh my jesus…lmao

Thomas the Tank Engine vs. Fresh Prince of Bel-air:



‘the knuckles punched him in his laptop’ lmao this story is horrible.

Don’t know much about lawrence taylor…but uhh…
Super Tecmo Bowl Surprise:

also…if you haven’t already…WITNESS THE POWER OF LEX LUTHOR!

Lex Luthor > Scientology:

Lex Luthor > Kaz Hirai:

Lex Luthor > Planes:

Lex Luthor > Hyrule:

Lext Luthor > Double Dragon:

he should have that as a fatality in MK vs DC…

and just for more lols

Lex Luthor > Lil Jon:

I thought this shit was badass:

Un-instigated legume violence

Mario makes sandwiches

Rosie O’Donnell Moonwalking

what the hell!? lol

I don’t really watch Heroes…but wooooww…I wouldn’t be surprised if this guy was really a play off Raiden lol (RSoul…I don’t reccommend watching this cause I know how YOU are about a certain theme…)


Kang Fried Chicken:

did cosby actually say this? lol

Cosbytmnd: football night

wow at this commercial

Epic Windows 98 manuver:

followed by…
Tech Support is NOT the answer:

What is the Dark Knight?:

My lucky charms

Let it snow

Lol, war clown

Extenze commercial rofl


Harry potter vs Roll

3 inches of Bloodsport

I’ve had this one bookmarked for ages now:

Mr. T lectures you:

Nigga Stole My P-Wing

Ultimate suffering

Oh gawd Palin

lol…loved these…how in the hell @ Fresh prince roll. And bloodsport reeked of Awesome.

that had to of been edited. shit had me dyin.

NSMB will probably never get old

Metal Gear Election: Psycho Mccain

Fresh Prince of DC

CosbYTMND: Cosby trumpet

already posted several times…but here’s the barack combo breaker with sound

Easiest Game Ever:




Remember Remember:

dunno who that guy is but wtf lol

Here’s a few that I have bookmarked…on this comp at least.

300 On the NES

Bubb Rubb + Zelda

Shocking Cats

Charizard evolves into…

Cosby raps to pokemons

Shiny Pidgy!

Emo Oranges Movie

Emo Oranges

lol…I better not end up singing that randomly at work…

What is that mm8 one called?

Dat’s a gud kreschun!

Lord of the Rings - Abridged version:

Goku’s Reaction to the Dragon ball movie:

Difficult Choices:

Real Life Doug!?:

oh jesus lol

Plannin on Going to sleep tonight?

I should have known…I should have known…

Arnold shares his deepest feelings:


Thank you! I couldn’t remember what the fuck that was called and searched a shitload with no results.