The Yun Combo Challenge!

Seeing as Evo’s this very weekend, I thought it might be interesting to have some fun at the expense of the character I’ll be playing, Yun.

The objective here is to come up with a combo that meets or exceeds all the criteria for a given challenge. I have an answer for each challenge, but it may not be the only one. Also, the Extra Credit challenges represent things I wasn’t able to do, so kudos to you if you can solve them! Also, there’s an important rule everyone needs to be aware of:

All combos must be able to be successfully performed with the opponent’s stun bar completely empty.

Otherwise it’s just no fun, right? Here we go!

Challenge 1: Connect 8 Palm Strikes in a single combo.

Set Up: Opponent is Q, jumping and in the corner.
Time a palm so it connects with the very end of the palm animation, at the top of his jump. Juggle it with palm xx Genei Jin, [walk up palm x 3], walk up strong, [walk up palm x3], Genei Jin ends, whatever.

Challenge 2: Use all of Yun’s special moves in a single combo…without using Genei Jin.

Set Up: Opponent is Q, and Yun is in the corner.
Zenpou Tenshin, walk up slow jab/short/strong xx lk upkicks (1 hit), land, juggle with You Hou, juggle with jab shoulder, juggle with palm, juggle with rush punch.

The other version, palm first, then shoulder, doesn’t connect in this set up.

Challenge 3: Perform a 16 hit combo…using Sourai Rengeki.

Set up: Opponent is Urien. At the beginning of the match, he throws lp reflector, then dashes forward four times. Yun dashes backwards as he throws the reflector, and lets urien push him the remainer for proper spacing.

jab/jab/short/strong xx jab shoulder xx sourai rengeki (4th hit hits the reflector), link xx sourai rengeki (reflector dissipates, all of the second one hits)

Challenge 4: Connect all 3 stocks of Sourai Rengeki in a single combo.

Set up: Opponent is Urien, in the corner, with Yun standing next to him. He throws a lp Aegis, and then begins jumping. Yun takes 2 hits from the Aegis, getting pushed behind it.

As Urien comes down from his jump, activate one stock of Sourai Rengeki. The first hit will trade with the reflector, popping Urien back up into the air. Brief pause, do it a second time once Yun recovers and Urien heads back down. Repeat once more for the third. The Reflector disappears at this point, so you can juggle from here on at will.

Challenge 5: List 10 different moves that can lead into a combo when cancelled or linked into Genei Jin.
Solved!!! - by N88888888

  1. Shoulder Tackle
  2. Jab, Short, Strong chain
  3. strong, fierce, back+fierce chain
  4. close strong
  5. crouching strong
  6. crouching forward
  7. close fierce
  8. close forward
  9. palm(duh, I mentioned this in challenge 1 but not here)
  10. zenpou tenshin link GJ link st.jab into shoulder/f+fierce

You can also do anti-air lk upkicks (1-hit), land+activate, whatever (In the corner).

Challenge 6: Perform a combo that successfully inflicts 100% stun.

Set up: Opponent is Akuma, jumping and in the corner.
Perform a close standing mk timed to hit at the very tip of Akuma’s jump, and juggle with palm xx You Hou, jab shoulder, forward fierce, jab rush punch. Actually does 100% stun at the forward fierce, the rush punch is just gravy.

Thanks to those that participated!

Challenge 1:
vs Q in corner
palmxxGJ, palm kara’ed with short, then 6 kara palms, GJ ends, jab dash punch

Challenge 5:
1.Shoulder Tackle
2.Jab, Short, Strong chain
3.strong, fierce, back+fierce chain
4.close strong
5.crouching strong
6.crouching forward
7.close fierce
8.close forward
9.anti air roundhouse dragon kicks, cr.strongxGJ(resets), catch w/short dragon kick
10.meaty uoh, jab short strong chain
there’s more than 10 but are mainly different variations off of same starting moves

Sorry, but your first combo doesn’t work. Each Palm adds 1 to the juggle count, even in Genei Jin. As a result, the last 2 palms whiff, and the rush punch is right out. Try it…

You’re pretty close on Challenge 5, getting most of the “hard” ones, but #9 and #10 are no good. In both cases, you’re canceling moves you already listed into Genei Jin.

ok I have challenge 5 completed

Challenge 5:
1.Shoulder Tackle
2.Jab, Short, Strong chain
3.strong, fierce, back+fierce chain
4.close strong
5.crouching strong
6.crouching forward
7.close fierce
8.close forward
9.palm(duh, I mentioned this in challenge 1 but not here)
10.zenpou tenshin link GJ link st.jab into shoulder/f+fierce

Challenge #2:

vs. Q- command grab, walk forward, lp, lk, (delay)mp, mk.upkicks, You Hou, palm, lp.shoulder, lp.lunge punch.

At least, that’s my guess while I’m deprived of my PS2.

dope thread man, i can’t wait to see how people do the 3 x SAII challenge…


Congratulations on completing #5! Yes, all 10 of your entries work. I didn’t know about the Zenpou Tenshin one, but I tried it out, and it works beautifully. I was actually looking for anti-air short dragon kicks (1-hit), land+activate, stand fierce.


You’re amazingly close with #2, but one little hiccough: as far as I know, the palm doesn’t connect after the You-Hou in this set up (too much start up). I spent a while this morning trying my darndest to get it to connect (drumming buttons for the palm after the You-Hou), but I couldn’t. It was pretty close, so it’s still possible that it’s user error on my part, but I think that it just doesn’t work.

When you get your PS2, try it out and let me know how it goes. In meantime, I’ll play hold out.

Hmm… try getting the You Hou to connect while Q’s higher in the air?

Since one of the challenges has been solved, I’ve gone ahead and added a new one.

Strakka, you’ve very close…you just need to do a little rearranging to get everything to hit. I think if you play around with it for a bit, you’ll hit upon the answer in no time.

Well, Evo is well and done with, and this thread doesn’t seem to be getting much attention any more, so I figure I’ll just go ahead and supply the answers. Check the first post again.

thanks for posting this stuff man… imo you should post challenges like these in the 3S strategy general forum… a lot more people would see it. i’d definitely like to see what other questions you could come up with!

Eh. There’s another solution for challenge #6.

vs. Akuma:
palm, lp.shoulderXXYou Hou, mp.shoulder, f+fp, kara lp.lunge punch.

Courtesy of Streak, way way way back when was still around.

Fun thread. I kinda wish more people tried these challenges. And I had no idea you could connect a palm after the lp.shoulder vs. Q.

That alternate answer to #6 is pretty cool. Never noticed it, even though I used to go to Karathrow pretty regularly. Thanks for the heads up!