The Zero mod


After my Goldberg mod, I wanted to try something different. So here’s my “Zero mod” of M.Bison.

I have used Leopardo’s vfx file for the icy effects, so credit goes to him in this regard.

Here’s the link:


Looks pretty impressive as usual; especially the costume detail. I think the cut on his left eye is supposed to be red? Otherwise, it’s great!


yes it looks good i hope this does not affect the other costumes(the cos file)


@danni, unfortunately it does. The hat and hair is made transparent in the cos file. I’ve heard that this can be done in the col file but I dont know how.

@Lolerskates, the scar is meant to be blue as with later suib zero incarnations. This is the look I’m going for:


Amazing job! Can’t wait to add it to the wiki when you’re done :tup:


Link added to the first post.

I’ve also started working on version 2 of this mod which involves obj modelling. I’ve added an actual mask and created the elongated sash he usually wears.

I have not idea how to change the specular though. The mask changes colour changes depending on the stage lighting. Any help/advice would be appreciated