The Zero MvC3 "Team" Thread



Zero needs some pretty good assists to be useful, so post your teams here and how you use their assists into your combos!

My team currently is Zero, Hulk, Ryu… of corse this is out of 1 day of playing for like a hand full of hours.

Should I change my team because of Hulk and Ryu’s lack of really good offensive capabilities as point characters?
(The logic here is that hulk and especially ryu have invaluable assists. But i could replace Hulk with Chun Li and potentially do better??)
Post your opinions etc!

Anybody can tell me any Good ZERO teams?

I’m actually curious about this as well. Right now I use Zero, Ammy and VJ (because I love the characters) and want to know how to get the best out of that team.


It’s actually fairly tricky to find characters that can DHC from Zero’s Rekouha. Characters that I’ve found that can and actually like are somewhat few and far between. Right now I’m using Super Skrull with him as both his lvl1 hypers are great for following Rekouha - especially Nova. I’m thinking of using Skrull’s Stone Smite as a “get off me” assist to reverse pressure from rushdowns.

As for a third, maybe Sentinel or Arthur to help zone when needed.


My team is Doom, Zero & Ammy. Zero is always on point and I normally use Doom’s rock assist to aid me in getting close…while Ammy’s cold star adds more pressure. when it comes to DHC, I like to use Zero’s sougenmu then switch to either Doom’s proton rays or Ammy’s slow hyper.


I run zero/ironman/dante…
Zero’s hyper DHCs nicely into angled proton cannon and uni beam assist works well with zero’s pressure/mixup game


Spencer (AP)/Zero (Ryuenjin)/Doom (Shield)

I know people mostly have Zero on point, but I prefer to keep him out of the fight till he has enough meter to work with. I feel on point he can get killed off VERY quickly. Still working on the timing during a string to bring in Spencer’s AP. I mostly try it near the wall so when they do bounce off I can go for a launcher

Doom’s Molecular Shield makes Zero’s offence much more threatening, right now Doom is probably the heartbeat of my team. I’d do something like Rocks then TK M. Hienkyaku or TK M. Raikousen. Near the wall it gives me opportunity to mixup dashes and either cross through or not


yea that is true…Zero can die so quickly if you make a slight mistake. A good taskmaster can combo you to death then finish you off with his down arrow hyper >:( I wish he had just a little more health



Zero on point can wreck shit real bad. REAL bad. With Wesker’s Samurai Edge to OTG for either resets or extended combos, you can really put the hurt on. Sentinel’s Air Raid also compliments Zero’s B teleport very well, and can lead to ambiguous cross-ups and 50/50’s both in the corner and when a new character is coming in. When he’s out Ryuenjin is a good assist to keep dudes off you.

Funny thing is I never expected to like him. He’s become my favourite character in this game after Wesker now. Only downside is how flimsy he is… get hit once by a competent player and you’re in a lot of trouble.


Zero (Hadangeki, for the Super Assist trick) /Amaterasu (Cold Star)/ Spencer (AP)

I’m using Zero on point, but he sometimes gets killed off very quickly at the beginning of a match.

I use Ama’s Cold Star to chain Zero’s OTG dive kick at the end of the air combo to chain again. I’ll still working on the timing, but it’s definitely worth putting there. Spencer’s AP can be used as well, but you have to time the bounce off the wall.


Zero/Iron Man/Doom

it depends really to. sometimes I put Iron Man on Point.

But Iron Man allows me to have a quick pressure tool from afar that also lets me in, and Doom’s rocks to keep the opponent locked down. It really works 3 way no matter who I have on screen.


Been using Zero/Deadpool/Tron

This team combo works pretty well, deadpool benefits from both tron and zeros assists. Tron can do some major combos with deadpools otg assist. and Zero can do the same with trons assists.

Only problem is, since zero is my point character, i find it very hard to DHC from him to someone else. However it is extremely easy for this team to DHC into zero in the corner. And tron, being my other offensive character, easily pushes people into the corner with one combo very quickly. So it really isnt a problem.


Zero / Dormammu / Doom right now, that’s subject to change though. Doom rocks is real good with Zero, dormammu can OTG after Zero’s BNB with purification to extend the combo and Chaotic Flame and Stalking Flare both combo off Rekoha really easy. Zero Hadangeki with double super activated really helps Dorm’s zoning, as does doom rocks.

I’m not very good with Doom yet though, I might try to replace him for another character with a good rush down assist. Maybe Wesker or X-23 with low assists. Call assist then C command dash would be really fucking hard to block with a low assist.


I use Zero/Sentinel/Dante, in that order. I use fireball assist on Zero for the clone assist trick, flying drones on sent, and jam session on Dante.

After blocked ground BnB, Zero is very vulnerable without an assist and calling out Dante assist will continue to lock the opponent down while I re-position Zero.

I have a lot of trouble moving around with Zero cause his wave dash seems really bad (maybe I’m doing it wrong?) so the drones assist helps provide cover as I move closer. After ground BnB into air BnB into knockdown and hyper, it can DHC into sentinel electric ball fist hyper for massive damage. Sentinel’s hard drive hyper can also be DHC’ed into Zero’s hyper, if timed properly. Dante is kind of the oddball of the group; he’s there because I like him and his assist is too good at locking opponents down and keeping some of my unsafe moves safe. This team lacks unique OTG options for Zero, but the DHCs are amazing.


Well, I still don’t have my copy in (Capcom Store, why hast thou forsaken me?), but I did get a chance to play at GameStop a bit more the other night.

It certainly wasn’t the robust training session I would’ve liked, but I did have some luck pairing Zero with Trish and Dormammu. I found their assists (Dorm’s “flame pillar” and Trish’ “trap”) really gave Zero a huge edge – but only once he was in. It’s obviously an extremely flawed setup against a good keepaway, but it does make me wonder if the weakness is possibly outweighed by the damage-dealing potential of the combo.


zero/deadpool/sentinel or sub sentinel for doom and use either missles or molecule assist

spam sentinel drone assist to keep good ass pressure game going ive been using deadpools katana rama assist to extend some combos especially in corner but damage scaling isnt too great but its decent

yeah zero needs a bit more health 1 mistake and its curtains, he is a mixup beast tho omg pressure gm is crazy


Like sleepyfoxx said i use Dooms Missiles to get closer
& for dead pool i use katanarama for a re-launch.


Right now using Zero/Magneto/Storm

Magneto-EM Disruptor

Using Magneto on Point because he is a VERY powerful point character. Usually rush at the beginning or just zone with EM Disruptor and Storm’s whilrwind to see what kind of style the other person has. Zero is my best though… I don’t put him on point because i want to build meter with Maggy, then DHC Sougenmu, then later DHC to a Sougenmu to hail storm. Reason is, using zero’s powered up shippuga in combination to storm’s pressure and cross up game it can get overwealming really quickly. This works well on all characters that i’ve fought except Hulk. I don’t use this strategy on them because I find the people I play mashing Gamma crush when getting rushed down, and I don’t want to lose both characters. While zero is in though, I found that his flaw is getting zoned out by characters like Arthur, Sentinel, or Dormammu. This is easily dealt with using Mag’s EM Disruptor assist or by getting half screen, calling Storm’s whirlwind, and doing B Teleport behind them. Whirlwind will hit and you are close enough to start a combo.

As far as DHCing goes, All of Zero’s Hyper Combos DHC well into Hailstorm (as does everything else in the game i’m going to assume) which is another reason i place zero directly before storm. In the event that Maggy is after zero, you can DHC Rekouha to Shockwave should you miss (and you most likely will if you’re not in the corner, as far as I can tell). I know there are probably better assists for zero but these are working for me right now. I might change either mag or storm to sentinel in the future…


Definitely, I feel like he should have more health, considering his air mobility isn’t even that good. 825,000 at least

As for my team, I made a switch from Doom to Trish. Doom’s assist is awesome but his playstyle doesn’t suit me at all, he’s just too slow, his DHCability is terrible and he has almost no rushdown options. Trish’s DHC options are much better, Round Trip combos after both Rekkouha and Bionic Arm while doing great damage, easy ground string into Max Voltage for good DHC options as well. Low Voltage is not as good as Molecular Shield but it keeps people occupied long enough to start up command dash shenanigans at least


Zero/Trish/Doom with Hadangeki, Hopscotch, and Rocks respectively.

The team relies on Zero staying alive so throwing rocks and attempting a combo normally won’t result in a huge punish and a hopscotch directly in front of you limits how you opponent can approach. Like CriminalUpper pointed out, Trish has a good DHC with round trip and she has some fun trap gimmics with shadow zero fireball assist. Also, both assist with zero comboing in the corner can lead to 650k meterless so far.


I’m really liking Phoenix with Zero for some strange reason.

Team is Zero/Sent/Phoenix

Assists are Shippuga/Force/TK Shot

Phoenix has very little invincibility on her assists and most of them aren’t safe. Sentinel and Zero build meter really fast and Dark Phoenix really hurts when she is KFC level 3.