The zero sum game that is life

This is just a continuation discussion, rather, an argument that is being taken out of the Conan/Leno thread.

I don’t care what you want to discuss, I would prefer to keep it civil, but we’ll see how that goes. What are your views on life, pessimism, philosophy, anything really. However it was really meant to deal with a mix of things that was in the Leno thread (the last few pages at least).

Life in large is shit. Is it not?

Only boring people have time for pessimism and thinking negatively about life.

Just remember what Joe Rogan said—> [media=youtube]THooC676t2A[/media]

Only people who enjoy a finger in their ass posts links to Joe Rogan commentary instead of posting something themselves. Your opinion of pessimism does little for any discussion.

I also think people who name themselves after philosophers to be twats.

This thread can only end well.

Can we derail this thread with the continuing discussion of Conan’s fiasco with NBC?

What do you expect the response to be to your post? Okay, you dislike pessimism. What is it exactly you’re trying to get across with the video from Joe?

Were you to do that, I cannot see why you would bitch in the other thread, and I guess we can just continue the discussion there. If you wanted it out of that thread, where his cynicism remark was actually slightly on-topic, you got what you wanted. If you want to be a child and play those sorts of games, by all means wipe your ass with some tanbark.

How is life zero sum? We consume resources like crazy before we die.

why would I bother commenting when your inspiration for this thread was a bunch of retards going at it. This is the last forum to talk about anything resembling intelligent.

Is this you ?

Okay you want a discussion? Why do YOU think life in large is shit?

oh I didn’t read your last sentence…you’re an idiot also.

Another thread where Rep would have saved us all time and effort.

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I’m confused. You claim that I missed the point in the other thread, that life has no inherent value simply because we are not happy just existing. Happiness does not indicate value, nor does value indicate happiness.

Your argument that life has no inherent value is rather strange considering the fact that you admitted that we actively sustain life. Why would we actively sustain life it has no value to us? Why do animals actively run away from pursuing predators? Why do animals like Bee’s protect the hive? It is because, life does have inherent value. It’s value, though, is simply life itself.

If I’m misunderstanding you, please let me know why. You keep equating value with happiness; they are completely different things. Value is something that is important or has merit. There is nothing that is in the definition that implies one must be happy with it at all times. In that case, there is nothing on planet earth that has value and it thus, loses all meaning. Value would be a made-up word that has no bearing on reality.

What is the best you can hope to get out of life? To suffer as little as possible. If you were to eliminate all suffering, you’re basically at a zero sum. There is nothing better that I’m aware of.

Just because most people aren’t willing doesn’t mean there aren’t a few I can learn from, as well as everyone else. I’m not asking everyone to participate just those who wish to. I enjoy thoughtful conversations, I might change my views, I might strengthen the ones I already have. Because this is the last place to have one, doesn’t mean that it cannot.

No. Do I have to be overly optimistic and have no regard for reality in-order not to be that retarded label people give any sort of pessimistic view on life?

The amount of suffering that takes place.

Useless post.

Useless post

You need to look up what zero sum means.

Dataika’s got this, so I’m bowing out, but I’d just like to say that when you use complex-sounding phrases incorrectly in an effort to appear smart, you look really, really stupid.

Well if I used happy maybe that is the wrong word. Satisfied might work better.

Biologically we are built to perpetuate the species, it’s this urge and force which makes us and every other living thing survive and reproduce. What are we doing this for? There is no reason, other than just that natural urge. Life has value because nature has programmed us to want to reproduce? Just because the urge biologically to reproduce is there, doesn’t give it any sort of real value. In the process of doing this, a lot of suffering has to take place, things have to basically fuck other things over in-order to survive. It’s an ugly system.

Like how Jay fucked over Conan?

In-order for someone to succeed, in nature, something else must not. Closer to zero sum for you? It’s a cycle of suffering.

Yes that is an example. Albeit not horrific as it can be.

That means that life is important to us (humans) and other species in the world. Hence, life has value to us. Value = important or has merit, the fact that we reproduce to continue our species and the fact that we protect ourselves as well as our “hive” shows that life is important. Life, thus, has value.

If you’re speaking of reason, you are correct, there is no “reason.” What we were discussing, however, was whether or not life has value, which it does. It is important to us, otherwise we wouldn’t eat or do anything with it. Reason is much different than value. A reason can be provided by a human being as to WHY living is important, but the fact is that it already is, otherwise you’d be dead already.