The Zot Zone is back


But are any players?


Where is this located?


Address ?


Ill play here but im from san diego :rofl:

this is located on UC Irvine Campus.

my gf told me about this last night. she said its really nice. does anyone know if they got cvs2, mvc2, 3s still?


You go to UCI? If they do have any of the Capcom fighters, we should get some games in.


this arcade sucks. 3s, marvel, sc2, ggxx, alpha2, mvc1, random fuck games all on shitty sticks/buttons…i might drop by after class


How bad are the controls, specifically on marvel, cvs2, and 3rd strike?


there’s no cvs2…and what do you mean HOW bad are they? 8 way comps and concave buttons that are spread apart. fuckin piece of shits.


Yes, the buttons are ass, and it’s 50 cents per play, but at least there’s an arcade nearby.


is that dios in your avatar?

no cvs2? wtf am i suppose to play.


i’m down to play cvs2 on console (the way it should be played). hit me up when you guys want to play 3s. only noobs at the arcade.


Yes, that is Dios and me.

And comp, so far, has ranged from non-existent to disappointing.


aight ill post up if im in the oc… probably gonna be up there next weekend not this weekend.


id like to get in on that cvs2 action :wink:


zotzone has 3s, ggxx, mvc2, mvc1, tekken5, ddr, timecrisis 3, raiden 2, and a shitload of pool tables

the sound doesn’t work on 3rd strike right now…


they should take out t5 and just put in cvs2, no one is going to play t5 with those buttons so far apart.


I got irritated watching people play 3rd strike…

SO MUCH wake up shoryukens…


just play them and win. wakeup srks in 3s suck.


You guys think management cares about the students? If so, mind as well ask if they could put a CvS2 cabinet in there and replace MvC1 or something.


I’ll come sometime. What’s a good time for ppl who play mvc2 here?
Tonight im busy, tomorrow I’m good