TheBoxArenaSpecialEdition SF4 San Diego, CA 4/22/10 + CHRIS HU CHARITY EVENT

The Box Arenahas decided to host a farewell Street Fighter 4 event! We know that there is a lot going on this weekend and with Super SF4 coming out poor old Vanilla will be left behind :crybaby:
That being said, we thought this would also be a great opportunity to help a loved community member in need. This event will be taking place on a Thursday and 100% of all buy ins + a charitable donation from The Box Arena Members + 10% of all sales made by Frubble Tea House during the event will be going directly toChris Hu. MadCatz will be donating some merchandise for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners as well as some thing(s) to raffle. Please take note that there is no cash prizes to be won at this event and it is for fun and love of the community!

San Diego County (Santee)
When: April 22nd 2010
Time: Sign ups from 6pm-7pm
Tournament Starts: APPROX 7:30PM

Game: SF4
System: PS3
Bring your own Sticks!!!
5 setups
No Cap

Format: 2/3 rounds, 2/3 games. Grand finals is 3/5 games
Double Elimination, No Characters Banned, Winner Stays with Same Character
Buy in: $5
Venue fee: $0
Prizes: 1st, 2nd, 3rd receive Madcatz merchandise
1 raffle ticket per buy in, each raffle ticket purchased thereafter is $1

Please Read and Understand :
Box Arena Tournament Rules

Sorry everyone… I know there was word that there would be Super Street Fighter 4 as well but there wont be :frowning: I know a lot of you have copies you got from God knows where… but we were waiting on a legitimate copy that never came through :frowning: BOO! Anyway… the game will be out in 7 days anyway so just wait! See you Thursday!

sounds fun
ill see if ksexy wants to roll up to this

joining up with cody.

how many people play on going?
this tourney posted last minute so i hope it doesnt effect that outcome of the tourney
i dont want to drive to santee if no one shows up -_-

post up people if you guys are goint
so people know whats up!

I will be there.

–Jay Snyder

me and greg are going

I might make it out to this.

yee box arena on the front page of SRK :tup:

i’ll be there after class to show my continued support for what you guys are doing :karate:

I’ll try to get me and buddies to make it out to this… sounds fun.

i’m going

actually guys…

i may be able to bring a legit copy of super tomorrow.
i’ll confirm later tonight. but most likely i can come through.


Me and Bro will be attending

Viscant will be manning commentary for the stream this thursday!

and djfrankfresh is giving out “FREE” boba drinks

Count myself, Loky, and Jetslow for tonight~

imma bne there a lil after 7 i just got off of work but imma be there sign me and giorgio up please

While the HD vids are being chopped up, peep out last nights complete archive.

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