TheBoxArenaSpecialEdition SF4 San Diego, CA 4/22/10 + CHRIS HU CHARITY EVENT


The Box Arena would like to thank all 49 players that came out to Frubble on Thursday with only a weeks notice! We were so impressed by how many people thought that this was a good enough cause to come out and spend their day with us playing the same old Street Fighter 4. With Super out we thought our crowd would be much smaller. This event just shows how amazing the Street Fighter community is and how much they truly care about each other. We would like to thank our amazing sponsors for everything they do for us and how quickly they were able to accommodate us with both a venue and prizes for our top 3. We were able to raise quite a bit of money for Chris Hu and I am sure he is already grateful for all of the help he has received.

MarkMan of MadCatzhas always been there for us since the very beginning. Once he heard about our event he was supportive and more than willing to present this to MadCatz to get us 2 SuperSF4 sticks and 2 fight pads for our tournament and raffle winners. Thank you Mark for being such an amazing community leader in SoCal ! We <3 you :pray:

To our amazing friends at Frubble. You guys are so awesome ! Thank you for staffing such amazing employees for this night and making sure we all had some fresh boba in our tummies. What does anyone know about Frubble’s Spam masubi??? OMG

Viscant!!! AGGGHHHH why are you so good at commentary ?? You will forever be our first choice and I can honestly thank you for keeping most of those 800+ viewers entertained enough to sit through some of the not so exciting matches and 20 minute raffle breaks! Thank you Thank you Thank you <3

This event wouldn’t have been possible without our Box Arena team! We all do this for the love of Street Fighter and all the people within it. We will never forget where we started and who helped us get to where we are.

DJFrankFresh: For Every list you make and every brilliant idea you bring to life <3 The Stream was beautiful and you never fail to give a gazillion percent of your effort in our events.

GCSupra: Technical Support is your specialty ! You are always good for something and never good for nothing :smiley:

Steinmania: you are SUPER great and I know the Videos are going to come out awesome.Thank you for being so sweet and being #1 SoCal Cammy :slight_smile:

KuizzyEfBaby: Thank you from the bottom of my heart for making sure everything always flows so perfectly… oh, and for buying me banana split shakes with boba !
NatMecha: Without you our site would be drab and I would be capturing these events on my SideKick -2 mega pixel camera :smiley:

OceansideDoods: Great community manager… 49 people on a THURSDAY?!
BeefCake: You are so generous with your muscles !! I can always count on you to move stuff

Deci: Our Technical support and my seeding right hand man :slight_smile:

ShadyK: You’re a dick… but we love you and you make The Box look good. Thanks for NOT bringing the one thing we were counting on you for :tup:

Yeb: If there were ever someone that deserved their character to get nerfed it’s you… you were way too good! Next time keep all those secrets to yourself and they might not down grade your character! Good luck in super, you’re still our first Box Arena Fighter!

UhLeeSuh! I Thank the world for you every time we have a tournament! Without you I know I would be swamped and I’m always confident your list of entrants is more accurate than mine (just dont forget #44!)

Nemo: I know you aren’t so involved in the Box any more and have your own life going on, but thank you for bringing your ps3, you saved the day !

Leo… you aren’t a Box member but I am putting you up here anyway for bringing an asus to save station 5, you’re super random but i guess that’s why we love you <3

To Lacey,CalmWarrior, and MarcoM… sorry you couldn’t make it , you were missed by everyone

It was a great turn out and if I forgot to mention anyone it’s not because we don’t love and appreciate you… it’s because I’m exhausted and need to sleep!!

<3 HunEBEe

1: ShadyK
2: Yeb
3: Nemo
4: SannSann
5: Repulse
5: BeefCake
7: LionHeart
7: Maku
9: UnprotectedSex
9: DJFrankFresh
9: Steinmania
9: Viscant
13: DJmasters
13: Chris
13: BJLen
13: Mr. Certified
17: WhoisJMo?
17: Jokersss
17: Watts
17: Kevin
17: Combusted
17: NatMecha
17: KuizzyEfBaby
17: GCSupra
25: OceansideDoods
25: JLo
25: Pimpbot9000
25: Loki
25: Mike C.
25: FallenPheonix
25: Kage617
25: SearingFang
33: Tommy
33: JewHustle
33: Orion
33: Killabyte
33: Ghengis
33: Nick
33: Brandon
33: Sean
33: Vince
33: JetQuick
33: Paul Z
33: Adonis
33: Jaredd (The Double D)
33: Omar
49: Tim
49: Brent
49: PoeticFlow


thanks box, frubble, markman, and OP sf4 akuma (i’ll miss you)! 49 people is beast for a week’s notice


Sick life bro!


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