THEEE Seattle Marvel Thread

Talk about whatever the fuck you want in this thread as long as it pertains to Marvel.

For instance…

I hate when I can’t airdash at the most crucial times. Like when Sentinel does hyper sentinel force and I’m Magneto or Storm and I’m gonna airdash down/forward to that nigga’s doom. But no, I get fierce, so what do I do? What any other uncivilized marvel player with no sense would do…TRY AIRDASHING AGAIN! Which gets me hit by duc do. Yeah so fuck that. And I hate when I’m Cable and I land short short rh, and get instant REGULAR beam. FUCK THAT!

So post up niggas and niggettes. Let’s cause awareness about Marvel and AIDS.

short, short + rp is cheap.

Wenzel is accepting MvC2 Money matches (especially from people who fuckin suck). Hit me up.

What up guys, I will be down in Seattle this afternoon to play some MvC2. Whenevr you guys head down there can you post it in here so some of us can meet up?

I hate marvel its gay

i hate my stick…but not as much as mandel’s stick. I didn’t know that i had to bench press 300 pounds just to super jump on it. Oh and i’m horrible at marvel

I think you’re just mad because I beat you in Marvel you sniveling sack of pig shit. Next time we play you can use that other stick and I’ll use mines and I guarantee I’ll hear an equal amount of bitching. It’ll be as if you were using your stick or mines when in reality you aren’t! ACCEPT DEFEAT!


Nigga has spoken.

I like the fact that every serious Marvel player in Seattle evidently has a permanent callous/scar on their right middle finger from hitting Fierce the wrong way when you fuck up a move. I thought I was alone in damaging myself. Thank you.

Hey, I’ve got a permanent callous on the inside of my LEFT middle finger from holding fighting game joysticks in there since I was at Oregon State. If I were to hold up my left hand next to my right you’d see it pretty clearly, it looks like I’ve got a tumor on my finger.

I’m also likely to be back in the northwest to visit in another month or so. I might just make a swing up to Seattle while I’m at it.

What’s a Marvel? =P

Championship Edition Blanka will pwn you all!!! (not marvel related but none the less it needed to be said, right Wenzel?)

I lost three today at Gameworks (vs a 35 game win streak). My Magnus was garbage, but Chun Li was unbeatable. Gah. Maybe I will take Fancy Lessons from Kyle. :sad:

I participated in the nastiest Marvel session last night with Ian and Evan. It wasn’t nasty because of random issues beyond my control, it was nasty because me and Ian basically dedicated the entire session to StiltMan. So we kept picking StiltMan related teams (ie.BH/Sent/Cammy, BH/Cable/Sent-A, Sent/Cable-A/Clops,), basically nasty ass shit like that. That session was so funny that it really wasn’t funny??? …Yeah. Sorry Evan =/.


It was like a bad dream. getting repeatedly raped by blackheart teams while being forced to listen to the mind freak theme song over and over is an experience not for the faint of heart. definately gonna take some time to recover from that one.

Awwwww. I’m flattered. :clap:

By the way, Death Jr 2 (the game I’m working on myself) went beta this Monday. Should ship in the next month or two. So if you get owned by the final boss, you can think of it as being owned by me, because I worked on her.

Oh yeah, and she never moves forward either. Although at least she doesn’t getto summon Blackheart. :confused:

why is everyone beasting so hard? calm down you guys.

return of the WANG? what the shit?

strider/doom ftw

i have been having secret training sessions with wang vs my strider/doom. he is beast he beats me all the time. thats how he got so good before lol

The secret is out! Your strider/doom is good though. get that guy!

You should play Marvel more Eddie. That’d be bomb. Seriously. Everyone needs to play Marvel more! Have some fun for once! Fuck these corny ass smoked SF games like CvS2 and 3S. If you’re gonna play SF, play a SF that has infinites in it, like A3!! Or play one that’s hella cheap like ST! MvC2>>>A3/ST>>>XvSF>>>3S (sorry but Blanka’s top tier in CvS2 and I refuse to learn how to play Blanka, ugliest character ever)>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>CvS2.

<3 <3 <3 <3 Marvel vs Capcom 2 <3 <3 <3 <3

Who’s ready to rape my Team Row/MSS-a tonight??

I need to get back to having people beat me. Right now im just beating myself. Poor execution and my fantastic inability to finish games after getting a big lead is getting old. People come back on me for fun. Hella frusterating.