TheEspot Tourny Resultsssss


alright now guys check it out i’ll have the pictures n vedios up soon crazy night thanks to every one that came down some fing intences matches wow!! the next event OCT 23!!! LETS GET THE WORD OUT

1st Ryder
2nd KDZ
3rd Chemistforhire



The break crew representing.

Good shit from everyone who was there. Had a good time and met some real chill people.


How many entrants?


Could you post the full brackets?


Good times guys!


damn, ryan beastin nowadays. goodshit.


ggs to everyone who came


ggs Phil. Sorry I had to counterpick you, your rufus is too sick. I’m gonna be busy as hell all weekend but live casuals asap.


It’s np, learning the Ryu v Rufus match with all my attention now.
I’ll see what I can figure out to stop various things from happening.

Congrats on 1st!
8otB 4 top 3!


great turney


I think im gonna pay attention to my results and focus equal attention to ryu now. It’s nice having 3 frame moves/a real reversal/not having to rely on 1 frame links and a horribly unsafe offense. Abel will always be my main though. We gotta crack session this week, you should bring your ps3 to jaxyl’s if that is happening on wed.

That match sucks for rufus. It’s a pain to get in and i can reversal at any point in time to make you guess on your offensive. Air tatsu > ex roll to escape corner traps as well. Your hit confirm on that bnb combo is getting unreasonable though, good shit with that.


One day my bison will score a tourney win against you Phil and ryan. No reversal and nonexistant punishes will make the victory even sweeter. Some good fun matches.


Am I invited to that crack session? wheres it at?


If I’m not mistaken around 20-21 folks?


Pics for tourney here

Vids of the tourney here
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