theGXL Unleashed Lanparty - Millville, NJ - 10/30/09


Street Fighter 4 Double Elimination Tournament at GXL Unleashed.
768 Man Lanparty plus giant console section and side events.
Tournament is 6pm Saturday (Oct 31). for more info. for address help.

Registration of $35 dollars includes seat for 1 computer.
–Door registration fee goes to $50 on October 26.
Tournament is $10 Buyin on top of reg payment.

Tournament Admin: Oncoming

Pre-Event Support: #TheGXL @

General Rules
?All characters legal
?All games played on US Playstation 3
?Game settings: Versus Mode, 99 Seconds, No Handicap
?Bring your own controller, otherwise a standard PS controller is available
?$10 buyin per competitor
?Standard double elimination
?7/2/1 Prize split
If say 40 people enter the tournament then the prize pool is $400 dollars ($10 x 40) ? 1st place gets $280 (70%), 2nd gets $80 (20%) and 3rd taking $40 (10%).

Pairing between 2 competitors to determine a winner. Matches are best 2 out of 3 games.
Finals are 3 out of 5 games.

Exactly as it sounds. A game is best 2 out of 3 rounds.

Pausing or disruption
Any pausing or disruption in a round results in an instant round forfeiture.

Character Picking
If the players do not discuss the method of character selection, it should be understood that the Standard method is being used. If the players cannot come to an agreement on the method of character selection, the judge will apply the double blind method.

Once either player chooses a character, neither is allowed to request that the Double Blind Selection method be used.

Double Blind Method
Double Blind Selection
?Either player must explicitly ask for the Double Blind Selection method before either player chooses a character.
?When a player request Double Blind, the player on the left side (1p) decides which character they will choose and whispers his selection to the Judge.
?The Judge then signals the player on the right (2p) to pick his characters and play modes.
?Once the player on the right (2p) has finished, the Judge makes sure the player on the left (1p) sticks to his original choices.

Loser can change character
The loser of a game can change character; the winner must keep the same character.

Yes the rules are basically Evo2k, I can’t improve on them much
Someone better main Honda since I won’t be playing him.


Added date. The SF4 tournament itself is Saturday afternoon.




Time changed to 6pm Saturday.