Their Rage Quit = Your Win?

I just got done playing a rank up battle where the opponent rage quit (of course) after I had once.

Now I coulda swore that before, when someone had rage quit on me during my rank up, that it did not give me credit. But this time when I got into another ranked match I had notice that my win streak went up by one and I had ranked up.

So, has it been this way for a while or if not, maybe this is from that recent patch?

I never got credit when people ragequit on me. And I got like at least 50 ragequits before I stopped going there.

There is a guy on XBL named Call Me Spuy or some shit and that guy constantly ragequits if he even comes close to losing and his rank never changes and you get no credit when he leaves the game. If he loses even a single character he RQ’s, if he wins, he stays and taunts and teabags, etc. Then if you confront him he acts like nothing happened.

If they RQ too late, it still counts as a win on you, but since you don’t go to the stat screen after a ragequit, it won’t show.

Ah, that makes sense.

Thanks for the feedback you two.

If I manage to get someone to ragequit on me, the moral victory is 100x more satisfying than the rank points =P.

I think I’ve gotten that guy. Some other players are the same
way. they’ll taunt and teabag and when you beat them, BAM,
they’re gone. That’s why I’m happy they added that thing that
shows you if they quit a lot. I just don’t play them now. :slight_smile:

I played a guy who had the rage-quitter Skull Icon by their name once, and they left quite early during the match. For now on I’m just going to opt out of playing against them to frustrate them.

I never got the win against rage quitter bad luck, my Score should be a lot better. But i think should not happen, the system could not recognize a casual disconnection from on purpose one, so we cannot get a win. I have the possibility to record my match, so I got a lot of rage quitter proof maybe a day I will make a compilation

It would be cool if the person who disconnected from online was unaffected but the other person gets a win. I know it doesn’t really make too much sense but then it would somewhat solve this rage quit bullshit. At least on the winners end it would solve things. The rage quitters record would still be complete bs because they wouldn’t get the loss.

Did they fix the bug where you’re sent back to the end of the line when some sore loser pulls the plug in a lobby match?

I played a guy who was on a 123 win streak today. He rage quit right as the K.O. screen came up. His gamertag is Rex is pro. Ironic, because I don’t think that pro players would be able to do that in a tournament. Just felt like sharing, I am amazed there are actually people like that.

Whenever I lose I take it like a man.

Granted this has caused me to have a loss count several times higher than my win count but my pride says being beaten into a bloody pulp is much manlier than running away like little baby.

Yeah having a not so great w/l ratio is not nearly as pathetic as rage quitting every time you lose and getting a 100% w/l ratio.

I beat this guy “rex is pro” He was on a 104 game winning streak. I thought I was about to fight a grand champion. This is another example of players caring so much about wins

guys make sure BEFORE u comit to the match that you look at there badge, if they don’t have a star that means they disconnect alot. now that does not mean a star badge player won’t quit but if you just see a normal grey circle badge or a skull badge do not accept the match

Yup thats the same cockmeat sandwich chomper

123 win streak my ass. I don’t care how good or godlike you are. With the way the game mechanics are in this, EVERYONE loses in this game at one time or another. That many games is kinda hard to go at least one of those without getting happy birthday’d or a lvl 3 x-factor come back loss. I will mark that guy down as to def not play if I ever see him.

Also why would u play someone like that? With as much as people say he has disconnected he had to of not had a star badge next to his name…

No star badge = no play for me.

Yeah I probably should have payed attention to the badge. At first I thought it was possible that the guy was just plain amazing, but then in the first few seconds of the game I could tell he was a rage quitter. His movement with vergil was nothing special. It was bad in fact, and I knew that no one that plays like that could be legit. It was still entertaining though.

Multiple disconnects should get you a ban from XBL/PSN starting with an hour and steadily increasing for each disconnect instead of sending rage quitters to an imaginary, clearly non-existent “rage quitter hell.”

Is there any one I can tell about Rex is pro like on the Xbox site or something? I know it will make me look like a little snitch but I really hope that guy gets punished.