Them’s Fightin Herds; Official Gameplay Trailer



When a fighting game based on a bunch of 4-legged creatures seems to hit more marks than the most mainstream fighting titles…



it looks GLORIOUS!!! I didnt think I would like it, but i REALLY think it looks nice.


it’s out on Steam now. It’s pretty fun.


I retrieved my backer key right after release. The game is clearly still unfinished (missing animations, placeholders etc) but the overall gameplay is done and the netcode is fantastic.
The only thing I don’t like currently is that the movement feels pretty slow. It seems like the game wants to be Vampire Savior but the screen space is too big for that. I also wish there was more stuff to spend the bar on than one lv1 super that can be buffed to lv2.


Well you can also spend meter on a block reversal(fwd + 2 attacks) but I get what you mean. Some ex moves or a second super would have been nice.