THEM vs. US: BETA, West Chester, Ohio 4/25/2009

**Them vs. Us: Beta. ** April 25th, 2009

Illuminaudi Games (same place)
7865 Cincinnati Dayton Rd
West Chester, OH 45069

Venue: $10 (USD)

Cost/Game: $10 (USD)



-All tournaments are double elimination.

-All tournaments are best 2/3 games.

-This is a B.Y.O.C. (Bring Your Own Controller) event. If you don’t bring it and don’t know someone who will allow you use of their’s, you are out of luck.
Converters will not be provided either, so be sure to bring that/those as well.

-At the start of the round there is a 10 second window with which to pause the game and/or fix controller/stick errors. After that, it’s a game loss for the offender. If there’s an issue, contact the person running that game.

-Button mapping is NOT allowed. Id est: you may not have a lp+mp+hp button. If you can’t do it in the arcade, you can’t do it here. This is non negotiable. Changing WHERE the button is on your controller or arcade stick is allowed.


Street Fighter IV (4:00) PS3
Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike (5:00) PS2
Street Fighter II: HD Remix (2:00) PS3
Marvel vs. Capcom 2 (2:00) Dreamcast
Super Smash Brothers Brawl (2:00) Wii
Tekken 5: DR (5:00) PS3
Soul Calibur 4 (4:00) PS3
Guilty Gear Accent Core (4:00) PS2
Capcom vs. SNK 2 (5:00) PS2
Tatsunoko vs. Capcom (5:00) Wii
Cory in the House (9:00 AM) DS

3S TT: When we can
SF4 2v2: Right after SF4.

Payout: 70/20/10

Registration for all games starts as early as you get here. Pre registration starts as soon as I post this.


SF4: Have fun.

3S: No Gill.

HDR: Throw a lot. Akuma is banned.

SSBB: All items OFF (including Smash Balls)

Doubles Team Attack is ON, LIFE stealing is allowed.

Stage List:
Battlefield, Final Destination, Smashville, Yoshi’s Island

Brinstar, Castle Siege, Delfino, Frigate Orpheon, Lylat Cruise, Halberd, Pokmon Stadium 1

75m, Big Blue, Bridge of Eldin, Corneria, Distant Planet, Flat Zone 2, Green Hill Zone, Hanenbow, Hyrule Temple, Jungle Japes, Luigi’s Mansion, Mario Bros., Mushroomy Kingdom I, Mushroomy Kingdom II, New Pork City, Norfair, Pictochat, Pirate Ship, Rainbow Cruise, Rumble Falls, Shadow Moses, Spear Pillar, The Summit, Wario Ware, Green Greens, Mario Circuit, Onett, Pokmon Stadium 2, Port Town Aero Dive, Skyworld, Yoshi’s Island (Pipes)

  • At the beginning of a set, each player may strike 2 stages from the available 11. Of these, only 1 can be from the 4 Neutrals listed above. You may however choose to strike 2 counterpick stages.

  • 1st match, characters are chosen with double blind picks. After that, advanced slob picks- Loser of 1st match pick stages, the winner of the 1st match picks character, then loser of 1st match picks character. Continue this as necessary until the set reaches completion. Standard sets are best of 3, finals or semi-fianls are left to the discretion of the tournament host, although best of 5 is recommended for time constraints.

  • All forms of stalling are banned. Stalling- The act of deliberately avoiding any and all conflict so that one may make the game unplayable. This includes MK infinite cape, excessive edge stalling, or any form of stalling under the stage (DK spin, sonic charge B, snake infinite down B teching, etc).

  • Any suicide KOs on the final stock resulting in sudden death will result in a loss for the user of this tactic. If it would be a suicide KO and the match screen shows a decisive winner, go with that instead. A Bowsercide final KO results in a win for the Bowser player.

  • If the timer runs out, the victor is determined first by stock and then by percentage. In the event of a sudden death, both players are to suicide IMMEDIATELY. No fighting with bombs @ 300. At the results screen, regardless of what the screen says, the player with the higher DAMAGE TAKEN is the loser. No exceptions. In the result of a tie, the match will be discarded and played over, same characters and stage. For teams, if this should ever happen, add the damage taken instead for both teams.

  • Any action that can prevent the game from continuing (i.e., freezing, disappearing characters, game reset, etc.) will result in a forfeit of that match for the player that initiated the action. You are responsible for knowing your own character, and must be wary about accidentally triggering one of these effects.

-Wiimotes are allowed with Classic Controllers. Don’t know why they wouldnt be, just clarifying.


No Custom Chars
Random Stage Select only.
Default Damage.
Default Time.
Camera altering glitches banned

T5 RD: Have fun.

GGAC: No ex, gold or black.

TvC: Have fun.

CvS2: Same team and order after win. No Ex grooves. No Shin Akuma, God Rugal, Riot Iori or Evil Ryu.

MvC2: Same team/assists and order after win. Only Juggernaut glich is allowed. No dead body.

CinH: Cory is banned.

All rules and games are subject to change. There shouldn’t be any major changes. Once again, if you have any questions, feel free to ask.

Kristofer aka Krono
TvC and SC4
Taylor Mill, KY

neon geon
cincy oh
sf4 and tvc

im not even sure if ill be able to come this or not its 3 days after christy is due so i guess ill just have to see how that shit goes ill keep you updated tho

Cool Josh – I should be able to make it and supply my usual bag of tricks. Let me know if you want me to help run something or organize or whatever I could do.

Oh yeah – 3s, Marvel, HDR, SFIV. Might reg for TvC later if I ever learn the game at all.


Adam "Actionhank"
Dayton, OH
3s, SF4

Finally running a tourney on Saturday, so I hope to see a lot more Northern ohio here. Yeah, bring what you can. It’ll be nice to see you more than once a year. Please feel free to post this in the Cbus and Cland threads.

Will do! Definitely. You/we can prob get some IN crew out too. C-bus has no excuses since this is even closer than Indy.

Yeah I can bring TV, Playstation 3 + 2’s, DCs, Wii, games, cords, megaphone :slight_smile: yadda bladda

3s , SF4 , ( Josh can we add MKT? ) If we get interest? : )

Ill supply my PS3 , tv , SF4… Thanks for waived venue josh XD

Sorry to say but we have our own tourney on the same day, so we won’t be able to make it :tdown:

I have an excuse. MY SCHEDULE SUCKS. But since this is definitely close, money should not even be an issue. I might try and tag along with you Ghaleon if things are fine for me by then, but for right now I am grounded.

Phil 'Drago’
Cincinnati, OH
Tekken DR, SF IV (just cause it’s new)

Bringing TV if needed.

No DR Quen? Scared I might do an Arkayne special on you heh?

no ngbc this year :frowning:
3rd strike- sf4 - marvel - hd remix

If there’s a tourney people want to run, we’ll run it. But putting it on the mainpage clutters things a bit more than I’d like. I didn’t even want to put GG up there.

[Edit] Nor have i posted this on dustloop or Smashboards yet.

i should be done wit finals before then so i can prolly make it out… i’ll prolly join t5DR, HDR, and sf4

makes sense to me
edit: I can bring a wii, 2 ps2’s and all the games but ps3 sf4

Id come to this but I already am thinking of going to the Iowa tourny on the same day.

I might not go to either though since its my bday.

Good lookin’ Josh. :tup: As always, I’ll be more than happy 2 help out w/ the tournament. I’ll run DR & SC4. I did notice that both of those tournies are close 2 each other, so I may have Phil help me w/ DR if he doesn’t mind. Once I get back from Final Round, I’ll request this day off from work. :tup:

Oh yeah, my Pre-Reg:

Newport, KY
T5DR, SC4, HD Remix, maybe SF4 (if I prove not to be too noob-tastic @ it).

Two quick questions Josh:

  1. What time does the venue open up for the tournament?
  2. What time is Registration starting?

Thanks Josh. :tup:

I’ll be there at like 10 and the registration question is answered on the mainpage.

I’ll try to be there, sign me up for HDR, SF4, and CvS2.

Anyone have a decent PS3 stick there I could use? I have a custom and a SF4 TE stick for the 360 but nothing for PS3.