THEM'S FIGHTIN' HERDS! A New Four-Legged Indie Fighter - Crowdfunding is Live!


Whelp, Mane6 decided to start the new year by announcing their plans regarding their first fighting game, Fighting is Magic.

Basically, Mane6 is planning to start a Kickstarter/Indiegogo campaign in the next month or so to raise enough money to work on their game full time, as well as hire additional staff including artists and voice actors. Voice actors who will actually be paid for their work. I’m not necroing the original Fighting is Magic thread because this new project might as well be an entirely new game.


This is good news. Glad to hear they are gonna make something new.


We already have a thread for it :razz:


Wait, where?


does it play like cvs2?

otherwise fucc the world :mad:


Happy to see they’re continuing this.


The old Fighting is Magic thread, it is also the all purpose MLP FIM thread for the fans of the series since on another section of SRK it will get trolled to dead


The old thread’s explicitly adressed in the first post though.




Still haven’t got word back from Valaris on weather or not MLP is still banned in GD.
It isn’t even GD that’s the problem, yeah there would be trolls, but they’d eventually get bored and/or moderated and we’d have a thread. MLP just isn’t allowed in GD.

I may as well bump the other thread then, this season’s been going pretty strong and the comic is still pretty great.


Just isn’t allowed? WTF why?


As a fighting game it would seem to belong in FGD. Trolls or people who aren’t interested in the game don’t need to post in MLP threads and can be politely asked to stop or banned to stop. The general rule is don’t post in threads you’re not interested in.


I think the issue is that the MLP: Fighting is Magic thread was a convenient thread for discussing both the game, during its production, and the ongoing show (since apparently that couldn’t be done in GD). Because Mane6’s new title will be unrelated to ponies, it might be weird to have the thread for it still paired with MLP discussion. I’m fine with it either way, perhaps we could keep the existing thread for MLP-related discussion, including the canceled game, and a new thread for the current project?

New Year update has me more excited than ever. Can’t wait to see some more content and finally be able to throw some money their way.


this seems fair. can’t wait for them to get the ball rolling on production.


That’s what I had in mind.


An MLP thread in GD would go over like a plague…It’s not that it isn’t allowed, it’s that it would be a disaster.


Dead game.

When do we get to see the new characters?


Okay! Finally some news on this game!

Basically, they’re looking for ideas for crowdfunding rewards.

NOTE: Please keep any news about Fighting is Magic: Tribute Edition in the other MLP thread if possible. Thanks!


Ohhh man am I ready to finally throw money at those guys.

Most of the suggestions that I would throw have already been posted via Twitter or Facebook it seems. I think, given the small nature of their organization, that they should probably try to have a hefty supply of possible digital rewards available. Acknowledgement in credits,Digital soundtrack, artbook, game manual, color pallete or background character design, etc. all would be pretty good (with possible physical versions for some, if possible). I certainly wouldn’t mind some potentially bigger things as well. I wonder if we could get something with detailed information about the new IP’s world and world-building (assuming there will be somethings not addressed in entirety by the game). Physical merchandise would be awesome too, if they can put in physical copies of anything aforementioned, t-shirts, posters, or buttons, although I worry whether they will be prepared for the manufacturing and shipping costs.

Semi-off topic: Kinda curious if they’ll keep with the ‘normals can eliminate projectiles’ mechanic. I thought that was in FiM simply because it came with the engine, so now I wonder if they’ll try to keep that function even though they have the Z-engine.


Yay! I finally have an excuse to necro this thread!

Basically, Mane6 has been spending all this time going corporate, becoming Mane6-inc. Now they’re are working on setting up the actual Indiegogo campaign.