Then and Now



Would be better If you flipped the two pictures.

Just sayin.


i think that this is on the wrong section ( a single pic doesnt deserve its own thread
plus its technically a vs thread wich its against the rules :wonder:


3S is like chess! </Ono>


every fighting game ever made is awful

EDIT: except smash


Design flaws that can be corrected…
[]The order reads poorly. The funny picture should come after the more serious picture, since the eye wanders from left to right and the funny picture is a better one to leave off on for standard comedic order.
]Even ignoring basic humor, the order of the pictures makes you read them in the opposite order of the timeline, which goes against the entire point of the joke (And your title).
[]The pictures are different widths, which wrecks the symmetry. Seriously, find a better chess picture or crop the one you have, or find a better pic for the dumb guy.
]The pictures are different heights. While one could say that the first image is thinner and the second one wider to accommodate the text, there’s no excuse for that crap. Just crop off the bottom of the first image at the very least.
[]The font needs to be more distinctive. Plain black letters on black-and-white don’t stand out, while the letters in the first picture blend into the hick’s beard.
]The joke would flow a lot better if the two pictures had more comparable subjects. Chess is a game, the guy with the bad teeth is a person. Replace the idiot with a simple game (Or hell, replace it with a hilariously stupid one like chicken), or replace the erudite picture with one that doesn’t focus on the chess set as much.
[*]I do like the black-and-white versus color contrast, since it clearly shows as soon as you look at the picture which one represents “then” and which one represents “now.” So yeah, points to that.
Image macros are serious business, just like fighting games.


You try way to hard.


The SF4/MVC3 guy looks like he is having a lot of fun. :wonder:


Or people don’t try hard enough. Like he mentions, srsbsn bro.


i <3 you casey