Then and now

Been a long time since I posted anything here. Been busy getting the screw job from a guy claiming he was starting a comic book company. 5 months of work got me a whole $125 check! yay! <.<

Anyways posting the first drawing I ever posted here and my most recent work. I’d like to think I’ve come a long since then.



Crits are welcome on the newer one. And a last word of advice, if you see anything dealing with Raven Comics don’t turn and walk away… run as fast as you can in the oppositte direction.

ok, I’ll comment (my deviant id is “mondu”)

I really like the way you shade skins. Very nice and very stylistic. the only thing I noticed is that some of your shading seems a bit rough, like it’s a bit out of it’s place. Not the color, but the brush used is too apparent. Other than that, you have great anatomy and proportions (especially for women which are hard IMO)! Great job!

Thank you both. I still have a few issues with keeping consistant lighting. I think this one turned out a bit better in the lighting department.

Sorry, can’t get the attachment thing to work for whatever reason.

Attachments are a perk that only Premium Members enjoy :slight_smile:

I can see a change in towards a more US-comic style. Main suggestion would be to move away from using pure saturated colours. I’m still learning that myself.

At one point I had gotten a really unsaturated look going, but a lot of people told me to stay away from doing that. Here are two examples:

Guess I’m looking for a middle ground then?