Theoretical combo with doom

EDIT: This combo will work in ultimate since air.S actually causes hkd instead of a gb.

I spent some of my time in the lab messing around with doom and discovered a funky little combo that works with most of the cast. The combo can place a character in a corner from almost mid-screen to 3/4 (!) of the way out and involves some strict timing and precise movements.

The combo starts with a basic BnB (l, m, h, etc) into doom’s launcher or, possibly, his f.h. once the target is launched, you will want to sjc up-forward and wait until the target is just at doom’s chest level. Immediately you will want to hit a.S; this will cause the target to get slammed back to the ground a considerable distance away.

You’ll want to cancel THIS into a and cancel THAT into an a.H, causing doom to drop to the ground very quickly. Dash forward once you hit the ground and press s.H, to OTG, and launch them up again. Repeat as necessary.

Note, this combo is incredibly heavy on hitstun and will be hard to get more than 2-3 reliable reps in. (I’ve gotten up to 4 on wolverine before, but it was pretty much a very small frame link). With some characters you will need doom’s s.h otg to hit twice before you cancel into his launcher again. The whole process does about 400k worth of damage or so again depending on the number of reps you can squeeze in.

I’ll upload a proof of concept video within the next few days or so. Something tells me that this might be a very limited use combo since its only real purpose is to drag an opponent into a corner and set up some shenanigans.

They’re making it a hard knockdown, not a ground bounce. In any case, j.S ground bounces don’t take effect after a launch. (See Sentinel and Tron for reference.)

Good to know, I edited my post to reflect that. So then this combo can certainly work in ultimate!

I didn’t even realize there was a thread for doom umvc3 changes… that’ll learn me to not search first.

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