Theoretical setup for running a PC fighter tourney

Ok, so I’m not really sure I have this idea right, figured I’d run it by people who know more about computer equipment and whatnot than I do. I’m curious if a team were to develop a PC fighter (to avoid having to get a publisher for a console release) if they’d be able to run it at a tournament without any real difficulties.

From what I understand the requirements would be:

  • A PC to run the game on that has two video out ports (Like HDMI out) that can run the game without any hardware lag
    -A lagless monitor for the gameplay PC
    -Two provided sticks? (see below)
    -A second PC for commentators and streaming, along with mics, stereo mixer, etc.(if streaming)

Here’s a poorly drawn idea of what it would look like. I’m terrible with this tablet, laugh away.

I don’t know if it’d be possible to program the game so that controllers/sticks could be switched on the fly (I don’t know how SFIVAE handles this or if it’s simple to do) Maybe an in game interface that will automatically recognize new controllers/sticks? Otherwise two sticks would have to be provided for the players so that matches could be done efficiently. I suppose you could just say “fuck it” and make the “gameplay” PC, monitor, and sticks into a homemade cabinet and do it that way or something.

Again I’m not VERY versed with this kind of stuff, I know a little bit, but not enough to be confident, and I’d be interested in seeing other user input and discussion on it.

that team should make a mode where you broadcast the inputs(that shouldnt be very stressful to the system where the players are playing) and other computers can just connect to the PC and stream it as well.

So sort of a versus mode that does an output spectator stream? That’s not a bad idea really

Anyone know about controller/stick stuff with PC’s and how they work? I still am curious as to if input devices could be swapped out with relative ease for match time efficiency

having the game-controller control panel up and maybe a keyboard infront of the monitor so you can alt-tab to it and change the mapping in game if you need to, I havent messed with multiple usb controller inputs, but most games will detect the controllers and automatically run with it. (or have a smaller monitor with the control panel on it, maybe?)

As long as your using only 2 plugged in at the same time, you should be okay… sounds like some testing needs to be done.

Yeah, testing would be nice. Unfortunately it’s all theoretical stuff here so that’s not an option, this is just sort of a “what if” type deal. I appreciate the responses guys, and more are welcome