Theory fighter... can you hit confirm fast flys?

ok well i got this q? after seeing the NKI vol&7 combo on strider the guy did j.fp launch sj lp rp(this is what i mean for hit confirm since you can follow-up with the xx FF lk or lp (cuz you can be more mentally prepared for the FF buffer since it’s for me the olny way to land a sure ff aside from the neutral issue which is what makes FF hard to do sice canceling the earliest correct me if i’m wrong will give you an slightly bigger window for landing the FF lk or lp plus i’m sure it does more damage which is a plus) thats what i meant with hit confirm FF combos to use the sj lp RP to set up and mentally prepare yourself to perform the combo

my q is would it be practical and should be incorporated to the normal b&b combos or it’s just a flashy thing (also i suppose it may fall for the flying screen rule [haven’t had time to experiment on this…] so you wouldn’t be able to to like xx unfly hk launch cuz rp should send them to the ground quickly )