Theory fighter: jumping towards air parries

I was talking to my brother about this a few days ago.

Is there any imput lag after pressing forward to parry, in which you are not allowed to parry? (as in you must get hit)

I was wondering about this, because on the ground, when you imput a parry incorrectly, you walk forwards. So your parry is wrong because you walked right into the hit.

My second point: the fastest imput parry in the game are moves in which you constantly tap forwards to parry, very quickly, like Ibuki’s knives SA1 and Oro’s super boogerball SA2 Level 3. So that is the fastest imput that the game engine allows for parries.

Sooo what I’m trying to get at, is when you forward flip, you can’t move forward because you are moving forward at a constant speed determined by the game, if you constantly mash at parries as fast as the game allows (or even faster) theoretically speaking, you should be able to parry anything just like that when forward flipping in the air.

Obviously, this doesn’t work.

So that means that the game engine has parry lag after an imputted parry.

Does anyone know how long the parry lag is? because parrying the knives or the super boogerball is REALLY fast, I don’t know how much lag is in between those parries, but i’m sure it’s less than 1/4 of a second.

Thoughts? Opinions?

chun’s saII requires the shoto to parry 7-7-1, and the other characters to parry 8-8-1… so this means different chars probably have different leeways for parrying. if u time it right, it only takes 4 parries to parry remy’s SA1. sometimes 1 parry can parry multiple hits… i’m guessing because the parry’s animation covers a couple of hits.

now to your jump-in tapping forward many times to parry question, since it doesn’t work, you can assume that there must be a certain time between parrying attempts in the air. how long exactly? i dunno. but i don’t think it’s relevant because parrying on instinct/reaction is more reliable anyways IMO.

The shotos move backward when they parry, that’s why it’s fewer for them. One hit misses.


me and and someone else was talking about that there really isnt anything worth while to anti airing someone in 3rd strike, sure u get the knock down but the risk of being parried for kinda no damage is kinda bunk to me.

the only viable option worth taking is to parry the jump in yourself or get the hell out of the way. but it seems getting out of the way is the best answer.

air reset them with weak punches? that shit isn’t any fun to try to parry : )

This is not because of PARRY-LAG.

The properties of air-parry are more like this:

When you are in a “Jump” (either from your command or from a reel back), you get 1 opportunity to enter a parry command. If you enter the command and there is no hit to parry… YOU LOSE THE ABILITY TO FURTHER PARRY AS LONG AS YOU ARE AIRBORNE.

So if you jump and enter in a [PARRY] before you reach the apex of the jump… your 1-shot is gone and the entire length of the remaining jump is 100% vulnerable whether you try to enter perfectly-placed parry commands or not. Your 1 “Air” Parry command was already used up.

The exception is multiple air parries (Air-Parry a 3-hit Shoryuken…) In which case you must go for multiple blocks. But in the case of “Mashing-Out” a wall-of-parry… that is not possible while jumping in. You just get 1 shot at it.

There is no “Air-Parry-Lag”.
Just that you get 1 shot at it and you waste it when you first began to mash a 6-parry jump.